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Reasons to encourage your kids to play outdoor games

Is your kid a couch potato? Does he or she prefer to stay indoors to play with their toys, watch TV, or use other electronic gadgets? If yes, then it’s time you start encouraging them to play outside. Playing outside in the sun, in nature, and with other children can benefit a child physically, emotionally, and mentally. If your child avoids going outside to play due to increased screen time, it will lead to multiple health issues. For instance, it can lead to obesity due to a sedentary lifestyle. They can develop myopia or even have slow brain development. Moreover, staying cooped up inside without interaction can lead to isolation and mental health issues. Therefore, encourage your kids to go outside so that they can read these benefits.

Benefits of playing outdoor games

It advances their motor skills

When a kid plays outdoor games, they work on developing better motor skills. It helps them improve their balance, coordination, and agility. Playing outside helps them develop their bones, muscles, and physical endurance. As they keep moving by doing multiple physical activities, their body is flexible enough to crawl under bushes or ride bikes, and more.

It increases their confidence

When a kid goes outside to play basketball or catch up with their dog, it increases their confidence. It not only increases the confidence in the game they are playing but in general too, which is essential for every kid.

It makes them healthier

Kids who like to go outside and play or walk are healthier not only in their childhood but in their adulthood too. They know the importance of balance and thus make better and smarter decisions in their life regarding health.

It makes their physical health better as playing outdoors increases their stamina and energy levels. Their immunity will improve, and so will their mood and flexibility.

It helps them learn new things

Outdoor games provide kids with an excellent chance to learn different things. They improve their social and communication skills while also learning to make friends. They learn to solve problems that may arise when they play in teams, which is a life lesson on how to work with others. Through outdoor games, they learn new assessment skills and acquire knowledge that no education system can offer.

It makes them appreciate nature

Every living being needs nature to survive. Therefore, encouraging kids to play outdoors helps them appreciate nature more, and being close to nature is essential for kids. It brings them closer to nature which not only heals them mentally and physically but also encourages them to do good things for the environment.

How do we encourage kids to play outdoor games?


Go on a cycling challenge with your kid near your block. It will make them go outside and most kids love to ride a bike.

Throw a party

If you are finding your child too reluctant to go outside to play, throw a party. It can be a normal get-to-together with society kids or friends from school. Ensure you have activities for them to enjoy and be physically active. For instance, installing a trampoline or setting up a basketball hoop can encourage kids to play with other kids during a party. You can buy trampolines, tents, and more such things from https://www.lifespankids.com.au/.


Take your kid hiking. They might be hesitant at first. However, when they see how much fun it is to trek and eat or play during a hike, they will love it. For the first hike, choose a small nearby route. You can take a ball with you and play with them there.

Water balloon fun

Another way to get them to play outside away from screens is through a water-balloon throwing game. Just fill up some balloons with water and ask them to dodge them or hit them with a bat. A fun way to get them to run around and get some exercise.

The above motivational tips can encourage your kids to play outside or spend a few minutes in the sun. It is good for children to play outside as it helps develop their brains and health. They will also develop their motor and observational skills, make friends, and appreciate the nature around them better. Thus, lead by example and step outside.

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