Realme launches MagDart magnetic wireless charging devices

As The edge Reported last week, Realme is working on a magnetic wireless charging system for its Android phones, and today it has unveiled a full lineup of products that will use the new technology. Realme calls the system MagDart, and it’s actually a powerful version of Apple’s MagSafe system for the iPhone 12 series of phones.

The flagship product in the lineup is the 50W MagDart charger, which Realme claims is the world’s fastest magnetic wireless charger. It has an inescapably bulky cubic design that makes room for a cooling fan, but Realme is counting on users to trade up for faster charging speeds.

When plugged into the company’s 65W SuperDart wired charger, Realme claims that the MagDart charger will fill a 4,500mAh phone battery to 100 percent in 54 minutes. That’s almost as fast as what you get from Realme’s 50W wired charger.

If you don’t want to tuck a charging pad into a charging pad, Realme is also working on a slightly slimmer and more convenient 15W MagDart charger, which basically looks like Apple’s MagSafe puck — though Realme says it’s 26.4 percent thinner. and claims faster charging speeds. It will fill a 4,500 mAh battery in 90 minutes, according to Realme, which indeed it would be much faster than Apple’s own 15W option.

Aside from the convenience of wireless charging, one big advantage of magnetic designs like MagDart and MagSafe is the potential for slick portless accessories, and Realme has some of those too.

  • The MagDart Case is a carbon fiber style case for the new Realme GT flagship phone with a passthrough USB-C port and headphone jack, as well as built-in MagDart connectivity.

  • The MagDart wallet is, you guessed it, a three-card sleeve, similar to Apple’s MagSafe wallet. But this one has a standard.

  • Perhaps best of all is the MagDart Beauty Light, a flip-up ring light for selfies powered by reverse wireless charging. It has 60 mini LEDs and a dedicated control knob that allows you to adjust settings such as brightness and color temperature.

Realme hasn’t said anything about a release date or pricing for any of these products, and the only existing phone confirmed to work with a MagDart device is the Realme GT – and that’s only if you buy the dedicated case. Realme is demonstrating the ecosystem with a “concept phone” called Realme Flash, which is pictured in the images above and has MagDart built right in, but there are no plans to actually release it yet.

That’s a pretty big catch for what is ostensibly a launch for an important new ecosystem of products. But if Realme integrates MagDart into its future phones, it could be a solid differentiator. Wireless charging has consistently been one of the major omissions of Chinese phones that otherwise have impressive spec sheets – Oppo has only recently adopted the technology and Vivo has yet to get on board. And since Oppo’s VOOC fast charging system made its way to OnePlus and Realme phones due to the companies’ shared ownership and supply chain, it’s likely the same could happen to MagDart.