Reality Star Catherine Ommanney Opens Up About Her ‘Affair’ With Toymaker Prince Harry

Reality star Catherine Ommanney has opened up about the two-month affair she says she had with Prince Harry in 2006, when she was 31 and the royal was 21.

Ms. Ommanney, who spoke with Sun about the romance, he said he was speaking because he doesn’t think the short relationship will feature in the Duke of Sussex’s next memoir, Spare.

According to the 51-year-old, while the autobiography will include anecdotes about the 38-year-old royal’s ex-girlfriends, she doesn’t think it would include her as “a prince can’t run away with a 34-year-old woman.” -old mother of two, it’s just not what you do’.

The British reality star, who came to the small screen when she appeared on the US reality show The Real Housewives of DC, met the prince in a Chelsea bar in 2006, during which time she was in an on-and-off, long-term relationship with the socialite Chelsy Davy.

Catherine Ommanney (pictured here in 2010) says she doesn’t think she’ll appear in the next Prince Harry biopic.

According To Ms Ommanney, She Had An Affair With Royalty (Pictured Here At The Kuoni World Class Polo Cup Match In Surrey In 2006) In 2006.

According to Ms Ommanney, she had an affair with royalty (pictured here at the Kuoni World Class Polo Cup match in Surrey in 2006) in 2006.

She says that after meeting in a bar, the couple went to the Eclipse nightclub in South Kensington together, before heading to one of their friends’ houses.

There, he says, ‘they shared a cigarette on the steps outside and [Harry] really open to [her]’.

After going in, he made them bacon sandwiches which they ate, before playing fight for a quarter of an hour. Mrs. Ommanney then told Harry that she had to go home.

She told the Sun that they then kissed.

They met a few more times, according to Mrs. Ommanney, before news of the affair broke and it came to an end.

It wasn’t until 2009, a year after Ms Ommanney married her second husband (from whom she is now estranged), that the two met again at a polo match, where they were friends.

Prince Harry Was In An On-And-Off Relationship With Chelsy Davy (Pictured In 2006) Around The Time He Reportedly Met Catherine Ommanney.

Prince Harry was in an on-and-off relationship with Chelsy Davy (pictured in 2006) around the time he reportedly met Catherine Ommanney.

She told the Sun that she “hopes Meghan will take care of him” and that she wishes Harry nothing more than “happiness and success”.

“He is a very brave, charismatic, incredibly funny, intelligent and charming human being,” he added.

Harry’s autobiography Spare had initially been signed for an expected autumn release, but its publication was delayed following the Queen’s death.

While Harry was said to have requested a number of edits to make him less critical of his relatives, it appears the tone of the book has darkened since it was first announced in July 2021.

While the memoir was then described as an “inspiring, courageous and uplifting human story,” today’s promo calls it a “personal journey from trauma to healing.”

Royal author Richard Fitzwilliams suggested that the royal family would be “very concerned” about the way the book was being promoted.

‘It’s a sensational title and implies that the writer was not valued or certainly did not feel at the center of events,’ he told MailOnline.

Spare, Which Opens In January, Will Feature The Prince'S Ex-Girlfriends, Though Catherine Ommanney Doesn'T Think She'Ll Be Mentioned.

Spare, which opens in January, will feature the prince’s ex-girlfriends, though Catherine Ommanney doesn’t think she’ll be mentioned.

‘When the propaganda talks about ‘crude and unwavering honesty’, the Palace will be very concerned, especially as this is the first few months of King Charles’ reign.

‘There will undoubtedly be interviews, serializations and endless speculation about this memoir, which in my opinion should have waited many years.

Even Edward VIII, then Duke of Windsor, waited until 1951 before A King’s Story was published. The consequences of this will be far reaching and can be highly destructive.’

Members of the royal family have not been given the chance to see the manuscript before it is published, so they will not be able to respond to any of your claims through their lawyers.

The publication date was announced in a press release last month. Referring to Harry as a “husband, father, humanitarian, military veteran, mental wellness advocate and environmentalist,” he suggested it would start immediately after the death of his mother, Princess Diana.

“Spare immediately takes readers into one of the most powerful images of the 20th century: two little boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin while the world looked on in pain and horror,” the statement said.

The 416-Page Autobiography Had Initially Been Signed Off For An Expected Autumn Release, But Its Publication Was Delayed Following The Queen'S Death (Pictured, Harry And Meghan In Windsor After The Queen'S Death)

The 416-page autobiography had initially been signed off for an expected autumn release, but its publication was delayed following the Queen’s death (pictured, Harry and Meghan in Windsor after the Queen’s death)

“While Diana, Princess of Wales rested, billions wondered what the princes must be thinking and feeling, and how their lives would unfold from then on.

‘For Harry, this is his story at last. With its raw and unflinching honesty, Spare is a landmark publication packed with insight, revelation, self-examination and hard-won wisdom on the eternal power of love over pain.’

Spare, which is available to pre-order, will cost £28 as a hardback, £13.99 as an eBook, £20 as an audio download and £25 as a CD.

It will be available in English in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Canada, while the book will also be published in translation in 15 additional languages, including Spanish, Italian, German and Chinese.

Random House CEO Markus Dohle said today: “Penguin Random House is honored to publish the heartfelt and emotionally powerful story of Prince Harry for readers around the world.

“He shares a remarkably moving personal journey from trauma to healing, one that speaks to the power of love and will inspire and uplift millions around the world.”

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