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Realistic WW2 shooter now has unusual skins, but they are surprisingly accurate – WhatsNew2Day


Enlisted wants to present the Second World War historically accurate.

Enlisted is a WW2 multiplayer shooter that lets you recreate the greatest battles of WWII. Locations, weapons and uniforms are all historically correct – but at first glance a new airborne division doesn’t seem to fit in at all.

The US Thompson Squad comes with a mohawk and face paint, which might make you think of Mad Max at first. But far from it!

The Filthy Thirteen in World War II

YouTuber Flakfire shares a video on Twitter that explains what the unusual Airborne Squad is all about. In it you can also see what the soldiers look like in the game:

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The Filthy Thirteen, as the squad was nicknamed, took over Native American hairstyles and war paint and so went to the invasion of Normandy, among other things. James McNiece, a Squad member, was of half-Native American (specifically Choctaw) descent. He also appears in Enlisted as a character.

The mohawk was – as the name suggests – widespread among some Indian tribes and was later adopted by other cultures – not least because of the fame of the »Filthy Thirteen«.

What else does Enlisted offer?

The first person shooter Enlisted is a Battlefield competitor with huge maps and matches for up to 100 playersfighting their way through WW2 battlefields as part of infantry squads. You can also get into vehicles or planes, which of course also fit the World War setting. The special thing about it is that you also lead bot soldiers through the battle, giving them commands.

The game is available for PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox X/S for freebut a lot of content can be unlocked much faster if you pull out your wallet. If you don’t want to pay anything, you have to be prepared for a lot of grind to unlock new weapons, thick tanks and so on.

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