Real-life Mario Kart looks great from the perspective of a self-flying Skydio drone


Mario Kart in real life, a dream that is often shared is a dream that normally doesn’t live up to your imagination – but we’re definitely not giving up. Nintendo recently launched an official $ 100 R / C car with mixed reality tracks and a full AR ride at the Super Nintendo World in Japan.

Now, independent filmmaker Ian Padgham has emerged with another idea you should try: riding a lawn mower on a closed course, from the perspective of a self-flying drone.

Yes please.
Image: Ian Padgham

Not that he actually is to play a game in this great video, mind you: it’s pretty clear that Padgham just set up his Skydio drone to shoot a normal video of him driving around, and then he probably added a lot of CG in the post.

But to quote The six million dollar man, we have the technology! Smart programmers could total pair a headset with a self-flying drone and make this game real.

  • As I explained in our Skydio 2 review, the company’s technology has gotten to the point where I implicitly trust it to follow me without crashing. You don’t have to worry about controlling these types of drones at all – you just have to worry about controlling the lawn mower.
  • We’ve already seen that you can make real life feel like a third person video game by pairing a drone with an FPV headset and let it fly behind your body as you walk around.
  • Mixed reality headsets like the Microsoft Hololens have repeatedly and convincingly overlaid CG over the real world in real time (though only over a narrow field of view). They could certainly turn reality into Mario Kart from the perspective of a drone.
  • Drones like the Skydio 2 have a surprising amount of processing power within these days.
  • The world has definitely built go-karts that can slow themselves artificially if hit by a virtual turtle.

We just don’t have them all together yet. Speaking of which, Skydio – when can we expect an FPV headset from you? It’s right up there with “build a smaller folding drone that will easily fit in a shopping bag” when it comes to simple movements.