Ready for a DevOps Engineer Role? Crack Microsoft AZ-400 Exam and Obtain Your Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Certification Today

The IT industry changes like the wind. And you should always find ways to update your skills to stay on par with trends that may improve your visibility and productivity at the workplace.

Today, let’s discuss the DevOps Engineer role because many professionals are not even sure if it’s a valuable career path. IT Exam Questions We willfocus on the Microsoft AZ-400 exam, its audience profile, associated credential, and the responsibilities of these specialists. But first, let’s allocate a couple of minutes to understand what modifications have been made to the whole Microsoft certification program.

Microsoft CertificationTrack 2020

The Microsoft accreditation paths for 2020 are still arranged by technologies and job roles starting from the Foundational badges to Associate and Expert-level ones.There are many options that prepare you to become aDeveloper, Administrator, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, DevOps Engineer, Security Engineer, etc. PrepAway Microsoft Certification Practice Test Speaking of modern solutions, the Azure credentials are some of the most demanded nowadays. So, let’s look at them more closely.

Microsoft Azure Badges

Currently, Microsoft offers 15 Azure-related certifications that are neatly organizedaccording to experience level. These are the most popular badges:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer
  • Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert
  • Microsoft 70-413 Exam Dumps Questions

Since we’ll be talking about the latter one, below, you’ll find information about its only required exam, AZ-400 as well as the duties you’ll be able to perform after passing it.

Microsoft AZ-400 Exam: What Should You Know?

The Microsoft AZ-400 test was designed to assess the student’s knowledge and technical ability to combine technologies, Web Page Link Here processes, and communication best practices to ensure effective service delivery that meets the clients’ needs. This exam will qualify you for the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert credential, which confirms you are ready to take on a DevOps Engineerrole in any organization.

AZ-400 Exam: Who Should Take It?

Ideally, the Microsoft AZ-400 exam would suit subject matter professionalswho are experienced indesigning and implementing strategies for infrastructure, code, source control, compliance, security, monitoring, feedback, delivery, continuous integration, and collaboration. Microsoft 70-462 Practice Test Dumps Also, you should kickstart your training by obtaining one of the Azure Administrator or Azure Developerbadgeto match the skills needed to perform at a top-level. 

DevOps Engineers: Who Are They?

The aptitude of writing secure codes is a priceless asset in DevOps. And this is where DevOps Engineers flourish. Microsoft 70-411 Practice Test – PrepAway They take pride in supporting the end-users of the infrastructures they design, provide the first line defense to safeguard these platforms from viruses and malicious attackers, anduse their knowledge of creating secure software in all stages of a project lifecycle. 


Many people fail to understand that DevOps engineering is a new niche that aims to create more opportunitiesforaccredited IT nerds. If you’ve thought of building a career using the new Microsoft technologies, this is your time to shine. Obtain the Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineering Expert certification and brace for a challenging journey ahead.