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Readers talk about the culture of law enforcement, church and state, and gas lines.

Forest Hills: Fact #1 about Alex Murdaugh, the powerful South Carolina lawyer who was convicted of murdering his wife and son, is his experience in law enforcement, which is why he committed such a ridiculous crime careless.

The press really buried that Murdaugh is a former prosecutor, proving once again that we can’t pretend that law enforcement officers are any more honest or law-abiding than the rest of us. In fact, they are more dangerous than the average citizen if you look closely.

It’s like living in North Korea when we are forced to call judges “honorable” or call them “magistrates” which is ridiculous. No judge can explain what makes them more honorable than any common criminal!

Society also needs to know that the drug dealer in “Cocaine Bear” was a real-life law enforcement officer. Of course, he was a narcotics cop who got dirty! We can predict it: give humans too much power and they will become corrupted. I agree with nanny cams for all police officers, judges and politicians.

And can we stop allowing all these public servants to obstruct justice every day? Our government does not answer the important questions that we ask them, and the press downplays the fact that this is fraud, malpractice, obstruction and even theft, because they received the salary but did not do the work that we paid them to do.

No public servant should be able to bypass taxpayer questions, but 100% of them do! jim ranio

Freeport, LI: Mayor Adams, you don’t need to embrace any creation myth to maintain high moral and ethical standards (“Putting God in gov’t,” March 1). In fact, religion-based politics is one of the leading causes of homicide across humanity. Our nation was populated by Europeans fleeing theocratic tyranny, which is why our forefathers emphatically wrote the separation of church and state as a plank into our Constitution. Bob Sterner

Bellerose: At an interfaith breakfast in Manhattan, Mayor Adams spoke about his religious faith and his belief in the need to pray in school. He said that the Big Apple should be more spiritual. I would like to commend Adams for saying that we need to find a way to introduce some kind of spirituality to our children who are growing up in an environment that is so painful for them. I grew up in a home and school where prayer was an important way to start and end the day. It gave me a sense of peace and a way to deal with the problems of the day. As Adams pointed out, when we took prayer out of the schools, guns came in. I feel like it’s so true. I also believe that for a family to stay together, prayer is vital. Mayor Adams, keep the faith. Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Fort Myers, Fla.: Re “Public Mental Health Plans Can Work” (op-ed, March 1): In the vernacular of many, there is “the” mentally ill. It is a phrase, an affirmation, to avoid. Like “the” blacks and “the” Jews before him, he lends himself to caricature. The AP recently changed its guidelines to avoid that wording. Please refer to those guidelines. Harold A. Maio

Yonkers: The article on New York City as the spiritual home of pioneering women (“Brightening Women’s History,” March 1) was almost spot on. Laura Kavanagh was listed as the first female NYPD fire commissioner. That certainly is a pioneering position. frank brady

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Cincinnati: Re “Where COVID Started” (edi, Feb 28): Who would have thought? A deadly new virus emerges in a city where a state-of-the-art virology laboratory is operated with partial funding from the US government for gain-of-function research on that virus. American infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci facilitated the research grant for the lab and also, after the pandemic began, obfuscated its origins in plausible and deniable ways. When he looks like a Fauci and quacks like a Fauci, folks, that’s a Fauci. Paul Blousstein

Manhattan: A March 3 op-ed suggests, “It’s time to revoke Fox News’ press credentials,” which essentially means the network will be shut down because it promoted what the author says was a falsehood. By those standards, every major network and several newspapers should suffer the same fate for repeatedly reporting that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a false story, that COVID vaccines prevented the virus, and that the 2016 election was rigged. Fortunately for the media, the First Amendment also protects the right to be wrong. linda stewart

Fresh Meadows: Re “Gas Line Crackdown” (February 28): How about we eliminate deadly gas explosions by not building new buildings with gas lines? The city is already leading the way. The All-Electric Buildings Act would require new construction across the state to bypass gas hookups in favor of clean, healthy heating, cooling, and appliances. The proposed legislation would save consumers money in two ways: by eliminating the “service obligation” rule that allows gas companies to provide unnecessary hookups that we pay for jointly in our utility rates, and by limiting utility bills. to 6% of low and moderate public services. earnings of income families. Governor Hochul, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​should unite to support these measures to clean the indoor and outdoor air for New Yorkers and to support the climate mandate of the state. Sara Rebecca Storch

Rockaway, NJ: Why does the Daily News feel it needs to change a historic World War II poster by changing Rosie the Riveter to what is now called a person of color? Can you imagine the uprising if you change a colored person to a white person? Explain to us your reason for doing this. Miguel Ilardi

Pine Plains, NY: The progressive, woke crowd is pioneering the rewriting of literary works to remove all awkward words. I think they are on the right path, which must be followed to its natural conclusion. For me and many others, I’m sure, any reference to slavery is off-putting. Thinking about the horrors of slavery is extremely stressful. Therefore, I propose that all mention of slavery be removed from literature, history books or the media. Everyone’s mental health, especially children, would improve dramatically if they weren’t forced to deal with this ugly concept. Joseph McCluskey

Bloomington, Ind.: As I watch the abundance of outrage directed at Scott Adams due to his bigoted, career-ending tirade on YouTube, I’m a bit taken aback. To my eyes, this outrage seems more like a celebration. Several media personalities seem energized by his downfall. After years of having to turn innocent comments people have made into something terribly racist, they finally have something real they can sink their teeth into. They can play the Adams video over and over again to prove their point that systemic racism exists and is rampant. I don’t believe for a minute that Adams is a racist. I think he just got frustrated and was reacting to a recent poll that revealed increased animosity toward whites. Much of today’s racism seems to be anti-white. I think Adams was venting what many of us feel but don’t dare say. scott thompson

San Francisco: For broadcaster James Hyland: James, James, James. “Pavlovian loyalty to the ‘big guy’”? Please don’t insult me. I have followed President Biden’s career for at least the last 30 years and have always found him moderate and chivalrous. In the 2020 election, he would have voted for anyone but Donald Trump, even a Republican (although the thought does leave a bad taste in my mouth). In the primaries, my first choice was Bernie Sanders. But I’m happy enough with Biden (Pavlovian or not). Other than that, I’m glad we both agree that Felonious Drumpf is a loser. jimmy layton

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