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Readers talk about overloaded narratives, drone destruction, and Aaron Rodgers.

Nutley, NJ: The Daily News employee who writes the headlines for the Voicers letters has done it again. You got my attention with “Tucker Carlson validates the opinion of many of us” above a letter from Voicer Donald Ziminski. I thought: “Here is a card that is going to be red meat for all the men and women of MAGA”. Unfortunately I was disappointed to read some minor points.

No, the chairman of the January 6th Committee, Benny Thompson, may not have seen the thousands of hours of video that did not show protesters acting violently. does it matter? It could have been the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing “Closer to You, My God,” but would that lessen the violent behavior of protesters pushing through police barricades, squeezing a policeman’s body into a door, vandalizing offices, breaking windows? and sing for Mike Pence to be hanged?

I don’t think Ashli ​​Babbitt should have been shot, but she put herself in danger by disobeying orders from the Capitol Police and trespassing on Capitol Hill. Rudy Giuliani claiming that John Sullivan was a member of Antifa? Now there is a credible source. And a debate about whether or not January 6th was the worst day in American history since the Civil War hardly seems relevant to resolving the problems in the civil discourse that January 6th exposed.

Yes, we agree that there are things wrong with Donald Trump: it is only in the frequency, intensity, and effects of the things that are wrong with him that we disagree. Peter Griswold

Orangeburg, NY: As a reader of this newspaper for more than 50 years, the change has been drastic, mostly since 2016, when a Republican won the presidency. On Thursday I looked for information about the drone destroyed by the Russians, since it was also not mentioned the day before. Thursday’s headline and lead story was “Stormy sings for Don’s prosecutors” (March 16). This was important enough to repeat itself for days. So, to be fair, I read the entire document and not a single mention of such an important topic. However, this newspaper feels that Trump’s problem with Stormy is more important. Maybe I’m just senile or missing something. brad hyman

Massapequa, LI: I haven’t read anything in my copy of the Daily News about Russia crashing into our drone over the Black Sea, or Russia and the US trying to get it back. How can you fail to get this important story to your readers? You must have heard of it. Ron Boehning

Brooklyn: To Voicer Larkin Novak: Profanity, you dare! Like a willing and happy guy with a shaved head, I expect to walk past you on a sunny day, and be slightly irritated by the glare for two seconds! Randy Contelo

New Windsor, NY: To Voicer Larkin Novak: What’s wrong with being a cue ball? For me, it’s a win-win-win situation. It does not need a comb, it is much easier to maintain and it is clean. Now, there are many who don’t look good in that, but look at Telly Savalas, Yul Brynner, Shaquille O’Neal, and last but not least, Howie Mandel. In “St. Elsewhere” had disheveled hair. Then, in the late ’90s, he shaved it off to feel clean. He looks bald. I myself am one of those people and it feels good. Always remember: God made few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair. Todd Schuster

Bronx: I just wasted two hours and 25 minutes watching the Academy Award-winning movie “Everything Everywhere All the Time.” I don’t know if it’s my age, 72 years old, but it was terrible. They were martial arts for two hours and the rest was the story of a mother who couldn’t accept that her daughter was a lesbian. Maybe this is a big problem in the Asian community, but it was boring for me. As for Jamie Lee Curtis’s award-winning performance, and I love her, I think I can see why Angela Bassett was upset, even though I haven’t seen her performance yet. Carlos Lavorerio

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Brooklyn: My partner from Brooklyn, broadcaster Ed Greenspan, complained about Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel’s lack of taste and judgment for the “In Memoriam” video. Hey, Ed, what do you expect from jock Howard Stern’s best friend? Maria Zanfini

Hartsdale, NY.: Congratulations to the Jets fans who are delighted with the prospect of having Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. I’d also like to be the first to warn you that you better be careful what you order. Aaron is a great quarterback; he is also a narcissistic, selfish and self-absorbed anti-vaxxer who has played fast with the truth on many occasions. In fact, he may be part of the answer to the Jets’ championship aspirations. I can guarantee he’ll also bring a bunch of other stuff that Jets fans won’t like. Good luck with all of that. Norman E. Gaines Jr.

Brooklyn: Earlier in the week, announcer Michael Grisanti was gloating about how healthy the Mets are and that the Yankees have a few injuries. I thought it was silly to mention it since the season hasn’t even started yet. Then Edwin Diaz hurts his knee and will likely miss the season, not to mention Jose Quintana will miss about three months. A true Mets fan knows better than to tempt fate. dennis burges

Staten Island: In regards to the guest article on the Bridge to Life organization and criticism of the $10,000 grant (“Pro Life Means Supporting Moms,” op-ed, March 17): This is a bit confusing to me. Why would the Daily News and others argue that tax dollars should not support such an organization? I am 100% in favor of the right to decide, but I am also pro-life, that is, at birth. What I am not is anti-abortion (let’s call them what they really are). This is not Texas. We live in a state where women have clear choices, grounded in the law, so I would assume that if someone walks into a Bridge to Life venue, they do so voluntarily and have already made their decision. I believe that advocates of the right to choose should do more to support pregnant mothers who decide to have a child. Making decisions knowing all of her options and what support is available will allow a woman to make an intelligent decision. gina otherando

Milford, Pennsylvania: Here we go again. The MTA is short and motorists are being mugged once again. Is it now a permit to park on city streets? When do drivers stop paying for the MTA? I think the time has come for people to realize that the MTA will never have enough money. We do this dance every year. The MTA predicts terrible service outages and layoffs, but rarely mentions fare increases. The fare should be what a trip is worth. If it’s $4, so be it. Where else can you go from the end of Staten Island to the far north of the Bronx for $2.75? Try doing that with a car. It is much more expensive than public transport. I’m glad I left. Roberto K. Greco

Yonkers: Letter from Re Voicer Jesus Linares: I wrote you the same letter two weeks ago. Did you just change the sender name? I feel belittled by this oversight. Not really belittled, I guess having a Hispanic perspective would be 100% better. I’m glad someone stopped by though. tom deering

Rockaway, NJ: To Announcer Francis Stephens: First of all, my grandfather, born in 1906, was the most inclusive person there was. I never had a bad word to say about anyone. If your point is correct, why with 31 days in the month of March, doesn’t the Daily News use different ethnicities on its poster? At a $3 entry price, they can afford a few different versions. Miguel Ilardi

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