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Readers speak out on racial profiling, cyclists and Ukraine’s weaponry

Rockaway Park: I just read the Daily News article about the numbers and percentages of people stopped for traffic violations or some other problem (“Echo of stop-&-frisk as car stop data release”, February 20) . Comparison of stops made in 2007 with recent stops clearly suggests that a large majority of those stopped were Black or Latino: 32% Black, 28% Latino, 26% White, and 13% Other. The question he was unable to answer is why the percentages presented stopped.

This article insinuates that the NYPD’s act of stopping someone is racist. The question never addressed is what the stops were for. Was it for speeding, dangerous driving, improper license plates, failure to pay tolls, etc.? It does not break out the percentages of reasons you were stopped and the results of those stops. However, the article features a derogatory reference to the police as racist. That’s rubbish considering how many Black and Latino officers are on the force.

As a Latino, I would tell my fellow Latinos to slow down and stop driving like crazy, stop weaving in and out of traffic, stop rushing to work to save three seconds and at the same time risk injuring or killing someone. . I have experienced a fellow Latino driving like crazy, speeding and weaving on the Belt Parkway, and finally hit a car with a female driver and children in it. He obeys the law and stops skirting traffic laws. jesus linares

Kew Gardens: I’m all for people discovering different modes of transport, but I think there’s a serious problem. In recent years, the sidewalks have been occupied by motorized vehicles, scooters, bicycles, mini-bikes, and more. Numerous times, I almost got hit while walking on the sidewalk. Even on the rare occasions that these vehicles are on the road, they don’t feel they have to obey traffic laws. The city has designated many bike lanes: what are they there for if people don’t use them? The city needs to enforce the laws and fine these violators. We need to make this city safe for everyone, including pedestrians. Leslie Duzant

Manhattan: A Terrible Situation: As a senior with a disability, I have to look up, down, left, right, behind, and in front. I live in Murray Hill. From 42nd to 34th street, all these electric bikes slow down. They are not in the green lane, they are in all lanes when you cross the street west from Second Avenue. I have the problem that some of these bikes honk. The delivery guys are pretty good. They know what to do and it is their livelihood. It’s the others: no licenses, no turn signals, no headlights, no insurance, no education, and definitely no license. I have a car. Secure payment and tuition payment. I have a driver’s license so there is always responsibility. Where is yours? michael federman

Providence, RI: Referring to “Pol takes umbrage over yeshiva comment” (March 10), reporting that Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein has claimed he is “unfamiliar” with the use of corporal punishment in Jewish religious schools Hasidics of New York. Do not accept this silly excuse / Do not ignore the vile abuse / Jewish parents, use your influence / Despise these schools: take your children out! Felicia Nimue Ackermann

Cincinnati: Has the National Advertising Council made it mandatory to pair black boys with white girls in television ads? Wow, that will really end racism forever. What a stupid idea. I want to see a Mexican-American man teaming up with a Russian-American lady in a laundry commercial. Marcos Jessee

Long Branch, NJ: NYPD Chief of Training Juanita Holmes invited Cardi B to a “girl talk” event at the police academy (“Cop big is Cardi B gone,” March 10 ). The invitation was made without the knowledge of Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. Holmes followed that up by going over Sewell’s head to get Mayor Adams’ support in changing the department’s physical training requirements. What I find fascinating is that Holmes felt comfortable enough not to consult with the commissioner about Cardi B, then she bypassed Sewell regarding desired changes in police training. What’s equally fascinating is that Adams didn’t show real leadership in directing Holmes back to Sewell. As such, Sewell was forced to bounce Holmes, who landed on his feet with a mayor’s job. Adams said Holmes understands the importance of safety and fairness. That may be true, however what she doesn’t understand is the chain of command. lenzy kelley

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Brooklyn: Mayor Adams, you got what you wanted by putting all retirees on a lower health plan (Medicare Advantage). People who never contributed anything to the system now have better coverage than those who did. What are you going to next? Our reimbursement from Medicare Plan B? We sacrificed a lot to serve this city and now we’ve got a kick in the you-know-where. Kalmus Lowe

Staten Island: I hope everyone who voted for state and local governments is happy. When I wrote in November that our governor only won 13 of the 57 counties, Voicer Richard Skibins wrote that there are “more cattle and moose there than people.” He did not realize that she won with the liberal strongholds, just like the previous governor and mayor. Our highly-trained police officers are leaving en masse, our fire department is in a state of disarray, it’s costing us millions a day to take care of illegal immigrants, and now the mayor wants to spend millions on five restrooms and give free education to the illegal immigrants. all paid for with tax dollars. A. James Tortora

Flushing: I find it ironic that most libertarian and anti-government people are the first to seek government help when a crisis strikes, whether it’s a train wreck in Ohio or a banking disaster in Silicon Valley, two very different communities that are reluctant. to government intrusion, but are now very dependent on government assistance. leo marinello

Princeton, NJ: I thought the call for presidential candidates over the age of 75 to take mental competency tests was a bit extreme, but then I heard President Biden blame “MAGA Republicans” for calling to defund the police. I no longer think extreme. Doesn’t Biden remember his own vice president raising money to bail out people who destroy and riot in cities? charles winfield

Briarwood: This is a complaint about Harry Siegel’s column “Public Safety Mayor Must Make Public Safer” (March 12). This gentleman’s sentences are paragraphs, and Sunday’s article takes the cake. There is a sentence that had 19 lines and contained 151 words. How the hell is anyone supposed to understand what he’s trying to say? From his writing, you can tell that he considers himself smarter than everyone else, while he’s just turning off the readers. Earlier this year, he wrote that his resolution was to not be so wordy, but I guess he can’t help it. I understand that he is a columnist, but where are the editors? cliff mitchell

Williamsburg, Virginia: A Ukrainian city is about to fall to Russia, but the Defense Department refuses to supply A10 Warthogs, the ultimate tank-killing ground-attack aircraft, to Ukraine from stores in Germany and Britain. Why, when the US has ample supply to replace those being transferred? The Department of Defense and the White House seem to want this war to last several years because of their continued refusal to transfer the latest technology to Ukraine. Congress must take immediate action to remove any obstacles to Ukraine’s ability to win. John Lemandri

Greenwood Lake, NY: To host Gregory J. Topliff: The way our government treats our disabled veterans is a sin. I wonder how many of our esteemed legislators actually spent time in the military and saw action, unlike Senator Richard Blumenthal and a few others we’ve heard of. Unfortunately, your only option may be to head south and ask for asylum. joe fioramonti

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