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Readers sound off on post-war allies, Trump photos and public service accountability


Brooklyn: To Announcer Tim Higgins: General George Patton’s recommendation after Germany surrendered in 1945 to rearm the German Wehrmacht and unite with the Americans and British to attack Russia was absolute madness. He would have had no support among the war-weary soldiers and civilians of the Western Allies, who saw the Russians as valuable and heroic allies.

The battle-hardened Red Army in Europe numbered about 7 million men to the 3 million for the Americans and British, many of whom had seen little or no combat. The Wehrmacht had been largely reduced to a demoralized mass of teenagers and the elderly, many of whom fled the Eastern Front for fear of capture by the Russians. The horrible atrocities committed by the Germans in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe were barely coming to light and made any idea of ​​allying with these war criminals to stab our ally in the back, who had sacrificed millions of lives in the war, unthinkable. .

Also, Higgins forgets that Imperial Japan had not yet been defeated when Germany capitulated and vowed to fight to the death. Joseph Stalin had agreed to join the Americans and British in declaring war on Japan three months after the war in Europe ended, and he did. Aside from the other reasons I mentioned, going to war against the Soviet Union while a still powerful Japan stood undefeated and defiant would have been folly. Dennis Middlebrooks

Scranton, Pennsylvania: Sadly, the individual, apparently a black man, who carved swastikas in various places in Queens has no idea what the Nazis thought of black people (“swastika riot in Queens,” March 24). They were considered subhuman, on the same level as Jews, Gypsies and all Slavic peoples. Also sad is his apparent lack of knowledge of the history of the early years of the civil rights movement. Many Jews supported and fought for equal treatment for African Americans in the 1950s and 1960s. Bigotry is aided by a lack of knowledge of the past. Victims of racism should know better than to practice it. Tom Mielczarek

San Francisco: Saddened to learn of the death of Israeli stage and screen actor Chaim Topol (“‘Fiddler on the Roof’ Star Chaim Topol Has Died at 87,” March 10). His iconic portrayal of Tevye in the 1971 film brought the sepia photographs of my ancestors’ shtetls to life! Stephen A. Silver

Bronx: Alan Dershowitz’s op-ed about Trump’s impossibility of getting a fair trial (“Can Donald Trump Get a Fair Trial in Manhattan?”, March 24) is beyond absurd. It is much more likely that one of the 12 New Yorkers on the jury supported Trump and refused to convict him. The chances of getting a unanimous vote to convict such a controversial figure are very slim. As for Dershowitz’s complaint about being ostracized for defending his constitutional rights, his frequent appearances on right-wing hate radio station WABC certainly make it sound like he’s being disingenuous about his feelings towards Trump. david fisherman

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania: So Trump strikes a baseball bat pose intended for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. That makes sense, he’s a libertine. matt engel

Croton-on-Hudson, NY: Does the Daily News have any pictures of Donald Trump smiling? If not, I’m sure the New York Post will sell you some. Peter McKenna

Jamaica: Trump has corrupted the minds of Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives. They have lost all morals. Gov. Ron DeSantis is nothing more than a mini-me Trump and is taking Florida backwards when it comes to people’s lives. Really sad what is happening to the world today. God bless and help America! charlene black

Manhattan: Let MAGA come to Center St. in Manhattan. Let them see firsthand why the NYPD is the top law enforcement department in the country. Protestors will not only not enter any of the buildings, but Sanitation will clean their blood from the streets of New York City. NYPD is not the Capitol Police or the DC Metropolitan Police. NYPD don’t play games! Andre Carl Jones

Far Rockaway, NY: To announcer Charles Michael Sitero: It’s easy to see that he’s pulled a talking point from Ron’s playbook “DeMented.” Let me make something perfectly clear to readers: they have never picked up a teacher’s manual or a copy of the NYC Scope and Sequence, which provides standards for subject areas. What he wants to achieve is to whitewash American history by erasing the history we are doomed to repeat. Students must take and pass tests to enter university and other institutions of higher learning. Without this knowledge, they are doomed to ignorance, let alone failure. Please stay in Florida and keep Ron DeMented there with you. now cane

White Plains, NY: What a pleasant surprise to finally see figure skating added to your sports calendar. I hope an article about the World Figure Skating Championships in Japan will follow. Arigato. Randi Bernstein Feigenbaum

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Geneva, NY: The Daily News publishes with great fanfare the NCAA men’s groups after a round of playoffs. Excellent. I haven’t seen the playoff brackets for the NCAA women’s playoffs. How about an equal print? rick schroeder

Floral Park, LI: I couldn’t agree more with the many Voicers who have written: remove the “Grand Avenue” comic strip from your joke section. It’s not funny or witty. And while you’re at it, drop “Argyle Sweater” and “Between the Lines.” Both are a waste of space and not very entertaining. As worthy replacements, I’d like to suggest “Calvin and Hobbes,” “The Far Side,” and “Dick Tracy.” These are among the best and are sure to renew the interest of readers. Angel Vetrano

Brooklyn: COVID-19 time is over, no need to have work-at-home or hybrid teams. No need to wear face masks. More importantly, you don’t need to have the rat attractions that occupy public sidewalks and sidewalks. It’s time to get back to normal life, and voters need to pay attention to the negligence and incompetence of the majority of our elected representatives. Francisco J. Castillo

Bronx: To Mayor Adams: Rats live and breed underground. That’s where you have to exterminate them, not in the open. D. Borrás

Monroe, NJ: I am a member of the City Labor Committee, a union representative, and a Medicare retiree in New York City. If the city pays for secondary health insurance for Medicare retirees, I guess it must cost a lot less than active members, who need 100% city health insurance. Why would the city force us to follow a plan that nobody wants? How much are you really saving? What next, do the same with the assets? Ricardo Russian

Margate, Fla.: As a member of DC 37, Local 371, I turned down many management promotion opportunities to remain active in my union. Municipal unions are dead in New York. Not only are sick and elderly retirees being forced to participate in a Medicare Advantage program, but 49 locals and the president of DC 37 did not show up for training on the proposed Medicare Advantage program. I am no longer a union. Mike Quill and Al Shanker are rolling in their graves. Donna Sherman

Manhattan: Every day I am amazed at the number of public servants who refuse to do their jobs and answer difficult questions from the press or taxpayers. And they all do (even my friend Bernie doesn’t answer a lot of the tough questions from his employer). Just as the mainstream media have had to sue the government to get public records that cannot be kept from us, they should class action politicians of both parties and the police for normalizing this. Heck, use RICO, because this is organized crime by all definitions. The press has the muscle and the lawyers to stop this mafia madness. Americans are dying every day from all this obstruction. You should also ask every state attorney general to explain how it’s not obstruction and fraud and watch them dance. Roger Stoneham

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