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Readers sound off on NYPD assignments, ‘The Captain’ and the religious right


Manhattan: Memo to Mayor Adams: NYPD police officers are not assigned to the precincts where they reside for good reason. This regulation is a good check on potential corruption and off-duty involvement in matters to which they should not be exposed.

The policy also provides a security shield for officers and their families. I don’t know how many people Eric Adams has arrested, but I can tell you that one of the last things officers want is for their children to be at school or in the same neighborhood as the people they have arrested or have ongoing compliance issues. with. They do not want their families to be harassed, assaulted or put in danger. They don’t want to constantly have to worry about who’s behind them in line at the grocery store or sitting in the movie theater.

Residency requirements also severely limit your talent pool for recruitment and retention. When I taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, I interviewed many minority single mothers who were eager to take the exam and become members of the NYPD so they could find their own nice suburban home and raise their children. children. in better school districts and environments in which they themselves grew up. Residency requirements fracture that dream. The way to recruit top talent into the NYPD is to break the silly parity formulas that exist in the city’s employment structure. It’s no wonder cops are flocking elsewhere to look for higher-paying law enforcement jobs. Considering the scope of their responsibilities, NYPD officers should be the highest paid in the country! bruce robertson

Jamaica: Why did you destroy Wednesday’s fantastic cover photo of “El Capitan” Willis Reed with a picture of Donald Trump on it? Jose C. Stanislaus

Bronx: I can’t help but feel the bittersweet joy and pangs of nostalgia at the Captain’s passing. He loved our team and everything he stood for. Willis Reed was monumental. And the drama surrounding the last game of the playoffs in 1970 was unbearable until he came out of the tunnel. One thing bothers me though: no one remembers Dick Barnett? He was there when the Knicks started coming together. He is barely mentioned in all the tributes to Willis and the team’s golden years. In game seven against the Lakers, Barnett scored 21 points, a performance dwarfed by the brilliance of Frazier’s masterpiece. Barnett, #12, has long been the unsung member of this glorious team. fred smith

Corona: To the hosts Jeff and Joan Ganeles: You took the words right out of my mouth! Throwing Trump out on the street is not enough. How about a kick in a sewer? patricia johnson

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Arlington, Va.: In his March 19 op-ed, “New Yorkers Deserve a Real Raise,” State Senator John Liu ignores the $21.25-per-hour minimum wage price. It would cost thousands of employees their jobs. New York’s minimum wage has more than doubled the rate of inflation in the past two decades. This proposal would not only put New York in uncharted territory as the highest state minimum wage in the country, but would also subject businesses to unlimited inflationary increases every year. The highest inflation in 40 years during the pandemic shows how doing so could expose companies to extreme volatility. Three decades of economic evidence finds that steep wage increases put employees out of work. Existing wage increases have already wreaked havoc. Approximately 80% of upstate New York counties experienced year-over-year job losses in the hospitality industry prior to the pandemic, which employs the majority of people earning minimum wage. New Yorkers deserve better treatment. Rebecca Paxton, Research Director, Employment Policy Institute

Bronx: Anyone willing to shut up, silence, silence, or silence my noisy bank account would be greatly appreciated! sand harris

Manhattan: I read with interest the article that was published in the VIVA section on March 16, “NYC TeatroFest 2023 presents the city’s leading Latino theater companies in a citywide festival”, because I expected to see Miriam Colon Valle Hispanic Federation Playhouse on the list, as well as El Museo del Barrio and others in East Harlem, but it was not. In fact, I covered the space name change on February 17, 2022 for another article. Super happy for the theaters having performances, but I’d like to see the love spread a bit more because East Harlem could surely use the help. A friend who is a playwright told me that there are at least three or four other theaters available, so why aren’t they being used? Clara Galvano Rivera

Ormond Beach, Fla.: The New England states led the world in education and literacy in the mid-1800s. The teaching of values, cognitive skills and knowledge were meeting the needs of a growing capitalist economy. In my lifetime, I have seen the erosion of this great start we had in education by the insertion of liberal and awakening agendas into our schools, and we see them clearly today where children are taught about white oppression, critical theory of race, transgenderism and climate. mental health, to name a few. President Lincoln warned us that the further we get from the miracle of the American Revolution, the less likely we are to appreciate it. And if that happens, patriotic pride will fade and our liberties will crumble. It is my hope that the example set by our Governor here in Florida will start a movement to take back our education system from the left before it is too late for all of us. Carlos Miguel Sitero

Brooklyn: Thank you for your timely editorial “Careening within crisis” (March 22). We Americans have never taken the existential risk of the climate crisis seriously enough. We continue to build in floodplains, and forces opposed to climate change still have to fight tooth and nail against new fossil fuel projects. Stopping Brooklyn’s new liquefied natural gas project is a recent victory. Clearly we have absorbed the pleas from the gas companies to “be sensible” and move slowly on our transition from the climate-altering greenhouse gases they are pouring into our atmosphere. We cannot shut down all fossil fuel plants now, but we have started and it must be accelerated. she ryan

Manhattan: Host Liam DeLassa adds his contribution to the plethora of letters about Medicare Advantage. By now, most affected retirees have likely received notification from the city’s Labor Relations Office that it intends to implement the agreement negotiated with the City Labor Committee on September 1, despite a court order. This would seem to be an exercise in futility. Retirees, by law, are not employees or union members; there is no organization authorized to trade on your behalf. More significantly, the “Taylor Law” is clear that no retirement benefits will be negotiated, including “payments to a fund or insurer to provide… payment to retirees or their beneficiaries… and any benefits so negotiated will be void.” The deal came dead. If the city persists, it and the various collective bargaining units will be responsible, at a minimum, for the $600 million/year “taken” from retirees to satisfy the contractual obligations of current employees. michele p. brown

West Columbia, SC: As another post-born citizen, I enjoyed the letter from Voicer Kathryn Nocerino. It is terrifying that political evangelicals have taken over the government and declared that their ignorant and misogynistic beliefs are God’s Rules and must be obeyed by all females, although a brief look at history would show you that pregnancy and childbirth they were the leading causes of death for women until abortion was safe and legal (your god must hate women). Although the US remains the most dangerous wealthy country for women to give birth to and one of the most expensive to raise a child, some severely deranged men declare that a woman who has a fertilized egg removed should be executed. If the laws were rational in this country, the latter would be assisted in her personal decision and the former would be locked up. carol robinson

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