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Readers shocked after Bryon newspaper ad from woman outing her cheating ex was a Jungle Giants promo


Woman criticized for ‘lashing out’ her cheating husband with a full-page newspaper ad – before admitting the truth

  • A newspaper ad sent readers into hysterics
  • It was from a woman who was dating her cheating ex
  • But it was revealed that the ad was a concert promotion

A “cheating” husband has been berated in a very public manner by his irate wife after she “placed a full page ad in the local paper” and berated him.

The hostile full-page spread managed to raise eyebrows, with some claiming the woman had gone too far.

The woman called her ex Mark a “liar” and “dirty cheater” after he apparently engaged in infidelity, but it seems there is more to it.

In the ad, the woman said she wants “the whole town” to know about Mark’s infidelity and added that she kept concert tickets they bought together.

“Dear Mark, I hope she makes you happy, you dirty trickster,” read the ad in Byron Shire’s Echo newspaper.

“The whole town now knows you’re a liar, congratulations. From Rose. PS I keep the Jungle Giant tickets.’

Residents of Byron Bay were horrified after seeing a very angry full-page newspaper ad of a woman berating her ex as a ‘dirty cheater’ and ‘liar’

Bryon Bay influencer Ruby Tuesday Matthews also saw the ad and shared it with her thousands of followers, many of whom applauded Rose’s “iconic” revenge attempts.

‘Effingly brilliant. Go rock a new life, Rose now that you’ve shed the dead weight,’ said one woman.

“Nothing worse than a cheat…nothing better than everyone knowing,” laughed another.

“I hope she paid for the ad with his card too,” a third joked while another said, “I don’t care what happened, I’m with Rose.”

Many applauded the woman's

Many applauded the woman’s “iconic” revenge attempts before it was revealed that the ad was a promotion for a band mentioned in the post ahead of their tour (stock image)

“It sucks being Mark now,” someone else added.

The ad circulated online and caught the attention of the band The Jungle Giants.


Do you think the ad was tasteless?

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  • No, it’s brilliant 5 votes

‘People have been sending this all day from The Echo Newspaper in Byron. WE STAND WITH YA ROSE, we got you,” the musicians wrote in an Instagram post.

“(Message us which show you’re coming to and we’ll hook you up.”

A woman expressed her anger at the “childish” and “shameful” act before it was revealed that the ad was a clever marketing ploy to promote the Jungle Giants’ upcoming gig.

‘I don’t agree with this at all. How does this concern us? This is childish, schoolyard, bully antics, and not a good example for the younger generation,” the woman said on Echo Publications’ Instagram page.

“It’s an ad for the Jungle Giants gig,” the newspaper’s social media team replied.

‘It’s certainly different and I think they based it on an actual advertisement that ran in the Mackay and Whitsunday Life last year that attracted a lot of attention. No harm, meant as a joke.”

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