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Readers ring out with qualified immunity, ‘Danger!’ and impeach Trump


Brooklyn: Qualified immunity shouldn’t be legal by any means, which is why dirty judges, who would have to recuse themselves to begin with, invented it out of thin air. Like Hitler’s “absolute immunity” judges, they quietly turned themselves in in violation of the 14th Amendment. Why hide this from the public if it is legit or legal?

What else is hidden from the public is even crazier: the whole presumption of qualified immunity is that if police officers are ordered to follow a policy, they cannot be punished in any way for following orders (like the Gestapo). But that means the police chief and the politicians are responsible, not the dutiful cops on patrol, got it?

Either the cops go rogue and the bosses can claim that the police department didn’t authorize this, or the cops don’t go rogue and it’s the department, bosses, mayors, and governors who are responsible for serious crimes (like shooting people). unarmed from behind), not their silly puppets.

Either killer cops go to jail or police chiefs and politicians go to jail. Even if these liars were right that qualified immunity is constitutional, someone should go to jail every time the police do something wrong. Capiche?

However, the house always wins. Let’s start by not allowing the police to investigate themselves. And we must be allowed to film all court hearings and trials. I urge my fellow citizens to read the Declaration of Independence. It’s time to fix America by taking out the trash. Somer Krieger

Manhattan: Re “’Hostility’ still furing, sez Black Bravest prez” (March 20): The FDNY has been notoriously undiverse and mostly white for decades. Monday’s cover screams “$400K to go” and explains the plight of Latino EMT worker Arnaldo Rodríguez’s years-long discrimination legal battle for being wrongfully barred from the FDNY. The most striking thing is the cover that shows seven firefighters, all with white faces. Then pages 4 and 5 show seven academy recruits, the current FDNY commissioner, and a former FDNY chief, all with white faces. My 1987 academy class of about 356 recruits had only two African Americans: myself and another freshman. Pages 6 and 7 go on to say how the FDNY still has a poor record on diversity. leonardo marshal

Bronx: President Biden proposes tax hikes for the wealthy after Republicans take control of the House, just as President Barack Obama saved most of his progressive proposals for after Republicans took control of Congress in midterm elections. This appears to be an excuse for Democrats not to defy their wealthy supporters, the same way they use filibuster, though President Donald Trump sidestepped it, passing tax cuts for the wealthy with just 51 votes in the Senate. Locally, Mayor Adams evicts immigrants from a hotel, continues to promote the Medicare Advantage scam among seniors, has the city sheriff legally steal marijuana from unlicensed stores while after a year, only there are three licensed, and it offers workers raises that don’t keep up with inflation. However, he claims to serve God. He looks like he is serving the other guy. richard warren

Brooklyn: There’s an old saying: “A penny wise and a pound foolish.” When governments loosen regulations on transportation, infrastructure, food, medicine, and healthcare, it ends up costing society much more. When local governments ban abortion, they lose gynecologists in their regions; when they cut funds for school breakfasts and lunches, they have more problems with their students; when they decimate libraries in schools and communities, they have less educated citizens. Voters must demand that politicians give up right-wing stunts and tightwads to truly make our nation better. Ellen Levitt

Whiting, NJ: The “Jeopardy!” program is too rushed, resulting in errors. I suggest eliminating the interviews, which are usually about some silly event in the person’s life. So who cares anyway? It’s just a waste of time. Without them, there would be more time for the rest of the program. I usually can’t understand what they’re saying anyway. John Brandenburg

Staten Island: No disrespect, but when it came time to fill in for “Dilbert,” did he just reach into a hat and grab the first thing that came to hand? “Grand Avenue” is horrible. Why can’t you post a few different strips and let people vote? I vote for “Scary Gary” by Mark Buford. Victor R. Stanwick

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Breezy Point: Tell me that Alvin Bragg bringing charges against Donald Trump is not political. The man who lowers the robbery charges and frees the murderers is pursuing a misdemeanor charge that is weak at best. His witnesses are a prostitute and a convict who has been involved in some scandals and just wants revenge. The case is now seven years old and if Trump wins it, he will come out stronger and more determined. We don’t need him back at the White House. I wish Trump would just go away and enjoy his golf. Big Al, why don’t you look into ThriveNYC? I’m sure the people of New York would love to know what happened to the money the previous mayor’s wife squandered. Oh, I forgot. That would be going against his own political party. patrick campbell

Brooklyn: Donald Trump wants protests if impeached. I would like a parade. clare butts

Charlotte, NC: It’s absurd to hear Trump and Republicans whining about the “witch hunt” over the Stormy Daniels mess when they had no problem impeaching Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinsky mess, and please don’t hawk that ridiculous “It wasn’t Monica.” Lewinsky, he was lying to the FBI,” nonsense. It was a flimsy excuse then and it’s a flimsy excuse now. Barbara Haynes

Woodstock, New York: Could broadcaster Earnest Kienzle please take off his tinfoil hat and stop spreading the nonsense that the vice president’s job is to decide who won the presidential election? Just think for two brief seconds that if the vice president really had that power, we would never go to the trouble of having another election every four years, if ever. The vice president would simply declare his party’s candidate the winner. Get it? That is precisely why what he is saying about Pence’s constitutional duty cannot be true, aside from the fact that it is not true. If he can read, he will understand that his job in the process is to announce the results of the election. suzanne hayes kelly

Clark, NJ: My vote for March Madness 2023 Most Valuable Person is Amir Abdur-Rahim, head coach of the Kennesaw State University basketball team. Susan S. roeser

Long Island City: It’s time for two women and one man in one room in Albany, working on the state budget, and there are some crucial things on the table that aren’t getting the attention they deserve: the All-Electric Building and the NY HEAT laws (Home Energy Affordability Transition). Governor Hochul, Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins ​​agree to ban new gas connections to the AEBA. But let’s start building them now. AEBA will have no teeth without NY HEAT, which would change regulations to prevent gas companies from continuing to build gas connections and pipelines for new all-electric buildings. Without NY HEAT, low-income people whose gas rates will rise as they cover more of a growing and unnecessary system will face enormous financial burdens, and our city will be further saddled with methane leaks. Do the sensible thing, you three. grace mok

Hoboken: To Announcer John Brindisi: Yeah, we all “wake up,” people lose a lot of sleep worrying about what will happen to us when we get to those magic gates made of pearls, with white clouds floating everywhere, and some guy named Pete says yes or no to our input. Do you realize how absolutely ridiculous that fantasy of yours sounds? Not for nothing, but if there was such a powerful being, don’t you think he would understand and welcome that doubt and questioning among his people about his existence, with all the pain and suffering in the world? joe ewansky

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