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Readers Ring in the Twitter Archives, Coupon Clippings and Aaron Rodgers


Manhattan: Dear “journalist” Matt Taibbi: If it’s true what you say about the FBI pressuring Twitter (and all the big tech companies) to censor or silence any content that the FBI and their bosses (Dem or GOP) don’t like. , and I think that’s exactly what the FBI and even the local police do every day and have done since day one, so you’d be in trouble, right?

You expect us to believe you had no idea about this for 20 years? And you only found out after the richest man on earth made you reveal Twitter’s censorship only against his enemies? No one believes this, you fake climber. You lied under oath as did your skeevy friend Jim Jordan, another fifth plaintiff. I saw you lie to Congress that you reported that Twitter silenced both liberals and conservatives, but if this were true, your “Twitter Files” would be fair and balanced. It’s not. It’s what right-wing robber baron Elon Musk ordered you to do, in a partisan fashion, because he was angry that his fellow con artists were silenced. You are silencing us liberals on Twitter every day and night because we defy capitalism when the contras don’t, and you won’t defend any of us against your new boss.

If you’re going to lie, you need to get better at it. I used to respect you but now I think you’re a shifting liar like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. Money is all you care about, and the right pays 10,000% better than the left. Honesty never pays the bills! You want a conservative audience because they are less educated than us leftists and can’t spot your silly lies! Janice Amato

Brooklyn: To announcer Donald Ziminski: Pick your head off the ground and wake up your mind long enough to realize you’ve been blindsided by the right for so long. You have lost your common sense if you believe that January 6th was anything but a failed insurrection. Neil S. Friedman

Davie, Fla.: To broadcaster Larkin Novak, who doesn’t like to see bald heads: Remember, Mr. Novak, God only created a few perfect heads; the rest covered them with hair. One more thing, Mr. Novak: grass won’t grow on a busy street! alan briss

Sunnyside: It was very upsetting to read “Migrant Children Battered” (March 14). People always say “it takes a town” when talking about child care. What “village” can migrant families go to when they need someone to help them with their children? In my Latino culture, family members often take over child care when parents go to work. Aunts and grandmothers are the backbone of our childhood. But when you are a migrant, you leave your community behind. The “town” he takes is thousands of miles away. I urge the administration to renew the child care voucher for undocumented immigrants. There is nothing political about protecting livelihoods and children. Angela Eslava

Bridgeport, Conn.: I see people constantly refer to Donald Trump as Drumpf as some kind of slur. Depending on which source you find online, the last name was changed between two and six generations ago, so I don’t see how this is supposed to be an insult to the former president. What I do see is an insult to every immigrant who has come to this country to become a citizen and changed their name for whatever reason they see fit, maybe to make it easier to pronounce, maybe to make it sound more American. , perhaps even feeling like they were making a clean start with a new name. So why do you insult every immigrant that has ever come to this country and changed their name? frank mastronardi

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Wyckoff, NJ: Bramhall, who has been a splendid addition to the Daily News in recent years, has been on a bit of a slide of late. That one in the wednesday paper, from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, is truly off the charts. Yes, it may be time that we all start sharpening our own perceptions. Jorge Arcieri

Wellfleet, Mass.: “Don’t be afraid to see what you see.” —President Ronald Reagan. I see Governor Ron DeSantis as a threat to democracy. mike rice

Kiev, Ukraine: In the Ukraine, the sound of bombs resounds / and children bear the brunt of cruel fate / their innocence and dreams destroyed in one blow / as the world around them turns to hate / So let’s create a great committee / of famed artists, poets and bold musicians / to spread the word across the land / and rally support for these untold children / A pact for the ages, a deal to be made / that by saving these children, so far / you also save yours. Because in a world beset by climate change, no child is safe, no matter where she lives. Volodymyr Mozghovyi

Staten Island: Host Katherine Raymond: You have the problem 100% wrong. Illegal marijuana shops are open because their owners thought they could ignore the law. I’m referring to consumer affairs laws, in which a business must have certain licenses to legally operate or go out of business. It happens to delicatessens, restaurants and bars. Why not the weasels who scoffed at the legal way to run a business in New York? This is something quite simple. To operate a business of any kind in New York City, you need a license. If you don’t have it, no taxes are being collected. If no taxes are collected, it is not a legal business. I understand? Close them, each one. By the way, a while back they gave me a couple ounces that were doused with liquid fentanyl. She tested him by making him taste. Pay attention and know what you’re talking about, please. tom mcguire

Jamaica: For broadcaster Michael Ilardi: Rosie the Riveter was an allegorical cultural icon representing women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II. Black women and women of all other races were also Rosies. If Black Rosie had been on any billboards during the war, I’m sure your grandfather would have had a fit back then. francisco esteban

Brooklyn: Regarding the letter from Voicer Jim Black referring to the suspension of the Texas Tech basketball coach for privately sharing a passage from the Bible with one of his players: What do you expect from a society that cannot realize that a “master carpenter” has nothing to do? to do with slavery, or an Asian sportscaster named Robert Lee had nothing to do with the Civil War and should never have been removed from announcing a game to remind people of a time they don’t approve of. FYI, Webster’s dictionary lists one of the definitions of “master” as a display of skill or proficiency. It’s not all about racism. We now live in a time where smart people need to be silenced so that not-so-smart people don’t get insulted. Glen Brown

Charlotte, NC: I don’t understand why Jets management thinks Aaron Rodgers is their answer to returning to another Super Bowl. Rodgers has racked up some impressive stats over the years during the regular season, but the four-time MVP never plays like one in the postseason, where his 11-10 record isn’t impressive. Antwan Staley noted that the Packers ended 2022 with their first losing season since 2018 (“Rodgers: I’m a Jet All the Way,” March 16), but failed to mention that only three of their eight wins came against teams that finished the season with a winning record. Rodgers plays well against weak teams but can’t compete against the best teams. He is Mr. Overrated and Overpaid. The Jets should ignore this guy! Plus, he’s not coming to New York to play football, but to get his foot in the door of the entertainment industry so he can become the next Michael Strahan. But he forgets two things: nobody likes him and he’s a jerk! Ron Turek

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