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Readers discuss the downed drone response, jail classrooms and Trump’s pleas


Rahway, NJ: A Russian plane collides with an American drone over the Black Sea, forcing the US Air Force to drop the plane into the water. No American dies.

Then, on March 14, we heard South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham ask Sean Hannity on Fox News, “What would Ronald Reagan do?” implying that Reagan would have retaliated militarily.

I remember when a Soviet soldier killed an American soldier (Major Arthur D. Nicholson Jr.) in East Germany in 1985, then-President Reagan retaliated by ordering American soldiers in West Germany and West Berlin to fire across the border. and kill some Russians. One thing led to another and there was a nuclear holocaust that destroyed the planet.

Wait! Only the first part of that was true! See: “US Officer Killed by Russian in East Germany” in The New York Times, March 26, 1985, which noted that Nicholson was a member of a 14-member US military liaison mission that had been stationed in Potsdam, East Germany, since 1947 to observe activities in the former Soviet zone of occupied Germany.

But in March 1985, Reagan kept his cool, and the planet survived. Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev had been in power for two weeks. Reagan even had his first summit with Gorbachev in Geneva eight months later.

Instead of going crazy imagining what a fictional Reagan would do, Graham should grab a damn history book and read what the real Reagan did in a similar situation (or didn’t!). Roberto Pablo Del Rosso

Croton-on-Hudson, NY: At the end of World War II, General George Patton’s Third Army had not yet been disbanded. That fact made some people nervous, especially since Patton was quoted as saying that he wanted to go to Russia with his men and shove Hitler up Stalin’s ass. Look what is happening in Ukraine today. We should have listened to our general. Tim Higgins

Whitestone: Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced an amendment to have guests lead the Pledge of Allegiance before each House Judiciary Committee session. Democratic Rep. David Cicilline suggested examining the proposed guests. Republican Rep. Tom McClintock said there was no need, saying: “It’s not like we’re going to invite assassins to recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Congress.” So who is Gaetz inviting? Corey Beekman, who was charged with killing Billy Buchanan in April 2019. He was also charged with assault with the intent to commit murder and two counts of possession of a firearm. He had an armed confrontation with the Michigan police. The family of the man shot by Beekman said seeing him honored was like taking a knife to the heart. Roberto LaRosa Mr.

Queens Village: I have to agree with Voicer Charles Lavorerio’s negative review of “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” She was so tired of watching that movie. It was like watching someone play a video game for over two hours! The only awards I can see from this jumble of futility are for best visual effects and doubles for doing the heavy lifting. lawrence krasner

Rochdale Village: Like broadcaster Charles Lavorerio, I am 72 years old. Although I found the first 20 minutes a bit boring, “Everything Everywhere All at Once” turned into a truly fantastic movie. I loved! Very nice! saul rothenberg

Scarsdale, NY: Re “Expectations for Rodgers arrival are huge nonsense” (column, Mar 19): I really hope Daniel Jones’ car was moving at a snail’s pace when Mike Lupica jumped in and out. A guy could get hurt. John Kern

Bronx: For those who were upset that the Daily News portrayed Rosie the Riveter as a black woman, you should study American history. In the 1940s, white America would never have considered wearing a black riveter as a symbol of the important work these women did to help the war effort. There were hundreds of black riveters. Kudos to the Daily News for honoring these forgotten women. This does not diminish the original Rosie. Gilbert M. Lane

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Woodside: Regarding Mayor Adams’ recent comments lamenting that New York City is not a place of God: Just because someone is religious, believes in a god, and goes to church doesn’t mean they are a good person. . Adams has shown zero compassion or interest in the animals we share this town with, like the beleaguered and long-suffering carriage horses, the way he drools over his hatred of rats, also God’s creatures. He ignores the many animals killed in the city pound. His words about religion and God ring hollow. When Ryder the battered carriage horse collapsed in Midtown and later died, Adams’ office didn’t even issue a statement. Because? Just look at the TWU control of New York City. Enough! All these problems could change with a progressive, caring and compassionate stewardship, for people, animals and the environment. marie richardson

Manalapan, NJ: According to the mayor, all New York City needed was “arrogance.” Now, it is to make it the city of God. I can’t wait to see what the next plan will be. joe fontanelli

Breezy Point: As the city fights against retired city workers to strip them of their hard-won retiree health care and Medicare insurance, it’s important to remember who masterminded the diabolical scheme. Was it the right-wing Republicans of MAGA? Was it Donald Trump? No, he wasn’t. It was none other than Michael Mulgrew, president of the United Federation of Teachers, and his friend, the left-wing flop of a mayor, Bill de Blasio. This dynamic duo raided the billion-dollar health care fund to pay for raises for 250,000 retirees and their families who didn’t know it. This privatization of Medicare will also apply to future retirees of the city. Mayor Adams can end this nightmare, find a better way forward, and not be saddled with the leadership failures he inherited. liam delassa

Astoria: Responding to your article “Inmates Chained While They Sit In Class” (March 19): It’s jail, not college for sleeping. You are there for a reason: to think about why you don’t want to come back. Keep making it like a sleepover camp and the same people will come back again and again. I’m sorry, but we should make it very uncomfortable for the prisoners, not give them all the comforts of home. antonio gigantiello

Farmingdale, LI: What the Big Orange Fraud fails to grasp as it eagerly calls for mass protests over its impending arrest is its own oft-repeated mantra that the American public is of no use to losers. And of course, in his case, we have the worst kind of loser: The one who won’t admit, even years after the fact, that he lost, outright and definitively. Combine that with the fact that his arrest will be on the comically smarmy charge of paying hush money during his first presidential campaign to silence a porn star from revealing his flirtation and you have a truly pathetic figure whose plea for mass protests, if he is. Luckily, he attracts a small handful of loudmouths with nothing better to do than continue to pursue such a monstrous past as the Great Orange Fraud. gives life. smith

Howard Beach: Trump was right when he called Mike Pence part of the female anatomy on the phone for refusing to invalidate the electoral count. Before that, Pence conducted a poll on whether or not he should do his constitutional duty, showing that he has neither a moral compass nor a backbone. Do you want to be president? The only thing bigger than his ego is his delusion. ernest kienzle

Forest Hills: Really, Daily News? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the March 19 editorial “Prep walk Trump” was supposed to read perp, not prep! Of course, the paper wouldn’t get out fast enough if an editor had to pore over every word, but could you ask someone to at least take a look at the headlines? JM Culley

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