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Readers discuss affordable housing, a new comic, and an anti-Trump Pence

Bronx: Here’s my take on affordable housing: We’re in a no-win situation. People trust our politicians to make laws for tenants. These laws can change when the political administrations of the city change hands.

What will happen when municipal housing subsidies are reduced? If we follow a free market system, would the rent go down if employers can’t find employees? Aren’t we one of the cities where most people are paying more than the recommended 30% of their income on housing because there are no rents or homes that are within the 30%? What if based on the income of all city employees, landlords and employers contributed to a pool for renters who pay more than 50% of their income? Ideally, the pool could be tied to the renter for a future down payment on a house, or used to pay subsidies. Home ownership is still the best way to go, however I don’t see it happening if the rental market continues to take the lion’s share of people’s hard-earned income.

Why do we approach politicians for affordability? Why not let employers work with owners so they can have employees? Or will this cause employers to relocate, causing the city and property owners to lose revenue? I hope these questions inspire someone to come up with a great win-win solution. marcos walter

Brooklyn: Good news on the state budget: Governor Hochul and the Legislature have proposed banning fracked gas in new buildings statewide. Far-rights echo the talking points of the fossil fuel industry and falsely threaten that the goal is to seize stoves from existing homes. But the bill, which only applies to new construction, is not another chapter in their divisive and dangerous culture war. It’s a policy that will save lives and money, dramatically reduce air pollution, lower energy bills, and help meet New York’s climate goals. Hochul must support the fastest possible timeline to make the necessary switch to gas-free buildings. eric weltmann

Havertown, Pennsylvania: Even for those of us with little or no Irish heritage, the Irish-American saga—overcoming poverty and prejudice to rise from outcasts to president—should be an inspiration. And of course, the Irish continue to brew some of the best beers in the world. I hope you enjoyed yesterday! Jim Castanera

Whitestone: The “Grand Avenue” comic strip is not an adequate replacement for “Dilbert.” In addition to being difficult to read, the subject matter is very childish and boring. I’m asking other veteran readers to comment on their thoughts on this replacement. Also, the “Mutts” strip has been made into a mail-out comic from the writer. Daily News, you need to do better and not just throw anything at us to take up space. bob krupoff

East Northport, LI: Richard Nixon was a citizen concerned with crime and the economy. President Nixon argued that access to safe abortions is vital in the fight against these perpetual social problems. As Republicans and Conservatives, we must open our doors and welcome all Americans to our camp. The Constitution protects the welfare of the people. It is the American style. sweet larry

Manhattan: I regularly read Voice of the People, but never felt the need to respond until I read Voicer Donald Ziminski’s letter. “All these people and media” are not going after Tucker Carlson because he showed “peaceful” images that had not been shown before. He showed it excluding the images that show violence and assault on the police and the institution of Congress. Nothing is more illustrative of the damage done by Carlson and other Trump acolytes than this man’s righteous and sincere outrage at this newspaper and others who report the news but don’t buy it out of thin air. His faith in Carlson and Trump is faced with an incredible amount of evidence that Carlson is ignoring the truth to keep his viewers captivated by whatever nonsense he may be spouting as Trump approaches impeachment in multiple jurisdictions for crimes committed in business and against the American people. . marc bernstein

Peters Township, Pennsylvania: It’s gratifying to see Mike Pence finally openly and forcefully criticize Donald Trump for his role in the riots that ravaged the Capitol, causing death, injury and destruction. Pence declared at the annual Gridiron dinner in DC last weekend: “President Trump was wrong… His reckless words put my family and everyone on Capitol Hill in jeopardy that day, and I know history will make Donald Trump be accountable.” Imagine how Trump will now try to savagely attack his former running mate, always loyal and adored, for daring to challenge “The Chosen One” and speak the truth. We could see the two of them together on a debate stage, something that would be great political theater. Thank you, Mr. Pence, for criticizing the president who did the most damage to our country with his efforts to overthrow a legitimately elected government. Oren Spiegler

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Brooklyn: People, be careful with Ron DeSantis. He is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He makes Donald Trump look like a teddy bear. charlie pisano

Forest Hills: To everyone who continues to call President Biden “Sleepy Joe,” I offer a challenge: First, take a cognitive test, just like him, and compare notes. Second, he delivers a reasonably coherent 10,000 word speech in front of a somewhat hostile crowd being televised to millions, and see how well he does it. I have a feeling the rest of us will fall asleep. Frimer Stew

Brooklyn: To the host Larkin Novak: Please don’t feel sorry for these men. Bald men and women are working in high-profile positions, as well as civil service positions. These men and women have worked so hard without any real recognition and it has nothing to do with being bald or not. In my humble opinion, bald men and women are very sexy. ruth cintron

New Hyde Park, LI: As a sports fan, I am pleasantly overwhelmed by the plethora of options for my viewing (and betting) pleasure. There was college basketball, the start of March Madness, professional basketball, baseball (the World Baseball Classic and Major League Baseball exhibition games), golf, the Players Championship, hockey, tennis, the BNP Paribas Open, boxing, and even soccer. XFL. As a sports fan for nearly 70 years, I remember when we had no choice but to watch an event on TV. For example, you would look forward to the professional basketball game on Sunday afternoon. Despite the confusing nature of the oversaturation of options, I prefer the current situation to the lack of options that I experienced in my youth. John Macklin

Wappingers Falls, NY: To Host Mark Jessee: I completely agree with your assessment of the latest trend in commercials. It seems that no white men marry white women anymore, and the same can be said for black couples. Artificial diversity, no doubt. My question is, where is the Italian grandma with the Samoan husband serving up a Sunday dinner of pasta with poi? Now that’s diversity! With apologies to my grandmother, who made the best sauce in the world. Miguel Lanza

Manhattan: Kudos to Leonard Greene for his “Bigot Busted, For Now” column (March 12). I have always enjoyed reading his articles, even those times when I disagreed with them. I was very touched by this particular column and his courage to speak out while others remained silent. He deserves our admiration and thanks for standing up to this fanatic. Minette Gorelik

Kew Gardens Hills: After identifying himself as Jewish, broadcaster David J. Melvin said, “We’re just harder to pick out in a crowd” than Black or Latino people. Hasidic Jews and other religious Jews who wear kippahs in public would vehemently disagree with Melvin’s statement. barry koppel

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