Razer's new wireless Basilisk gaming mice start at $ 59 and have an incredible battery life

Razer has announced two wireless versions of its ergonomic Basilisk gaming mouse: the Basilisk Ultimate and Basilisk X Hyperspeed. Sitting side by side, they look almost identical, but one is $ 149 and the other is $ 59.


The Basilisk Ultimate is Razers premium mouse that is made for people who want more functions and LED's. The other option, the Basilisk X Hyperspeed, is a solid, comfortable mouse that supports Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz wireless, and it really has an incredible battery life. It is a more paired mouse in terms of functions, inside and out, but for $ 59 it can become a very popular option for both gamers and non-gamers.

First dive into what the Ultimate has to offer: it focuses on features that serious gamers might appreciate, such as an adjustable-resistance scroll wheel, 11 reusable buttons, pads made of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) on the bottom that ensure smoother travel on a mouse pad, and a 20,000 DPI sensor. The Ultimate also has adjustable take-off and landing distances so that your cursor does not swing around inadvertently during a game and has a battery life of up to 100 hours per charge.

If you never want to get stuck with a flat battery, Razer also offers a magnetic charging dock bundle for $ 169. Both the dock and the mouse are covered with Chroma LED lighting, which you can adjust to your heart's content in Razer's Synapse software. The dock costs $ 50 if purchased separately.

The Ultimate comes with a 2.4 GHz dongle, which can be connected to the dock or your computer, but you can choose to use it as a wired mouse while being charged via the Micro USB cable included in the box sit. As with the ambidexter Viper from Razer, the included cable has "Speedflex" braid, which is designed to prevent your mouse pad from catching when you move the mouse.

Everything mentioned above is exclusive to the Basilisk Ultimate. What the cheaper mouse offers from Razer seem to be missing in comparison, but don't be fooled by the $ 59 price tag. It has a 16,000 DPI sensor, a decent selection of buttons (six versus 11) and, just like the Ultimate, the X Hyperspeed comfortable in my hand. In my experience playing games with both mice, they seem to perform about the same. Those with desk-sized mouse pads that boost the DPI settings to make large sweeping movements possible may notice minor differences that justify spending more money on the Ultimate.

The Basilisk X Hyperspeed has only one DPI switch at the top and has no LED & # 39; s.

What the Basilisk X Hyperspeed has over its more expensive wireless counterpart is an excellent battery life with a single AA battery. According to Razer, the battery life varies up to 285 hours on 2.4 GHz wireless, or up to 450 hours with Bluetooth switched on. Both claims are incredible for a single AA battery, and apparently it will take weeks if not months to wear out.


Another cool feature is the ability to work via 2.4 GHz wireless or Bluetooth with the push of a button at the bottom. I see Bluetooth mode useful if you forget to remove the wireless dongle from your desktop computer before you go mobile. In contrast to the premium mouse, the Basilisk X Hyperspeed is exclusively a wireless mouse, because it does not have a Micro USB port. However, because it works with 2.4 GHz or Bluetooth, it is versatile in its current form.

The Basilisk Ultimate (left) has PTFE feet that ensure smoother travel over a mouse pad. Also note the resistance wheel of the scroll wheel at the top.

Of the two, the Basilisk Ultimate is the better choice for those who need a more capable sensor, more buttons, a scroll wheel that can be fine-tuned, and Chroma LEDs to synchronize with other Razer peripherals. But if you doubt your need for one of these, Razer's $ 59 mouse seems to be more than good enough for most people.

Both mice are now available at

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