Rayssa Leal’s skateboarding went viral on Vine – she just won an Olympic medal

Maybe people know Rayssa Leal from a vine who showed she landed an incredible heelflip while dressed in an elf outfit but today she’s wearing something else: the silver medal she won for her performance in the Olympic women’s street skating event in 2021. Ze also appeared on the official Olympics Twitter account, which posted a “how it started, how it goes” meme featuring the 13-year-old skater.

Leal’s profile on the website of the Olympic Games says she was only eight years old when that viral video started spreading about Vine in 2015, after a version with failed attempts and falls posted on her Instagram. Since then she has been made a name for himself in her native Brazil, and in American and worldwide competitions, before finally landing at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

According to The Washington PostLeal responded to a question about her Olympic win by saying, “I don’t want to take responsibility. I want to remain the vibrant little girl I am for all of Brazil.”

you can watch the achievement that earned her the silver below, which ends with Leal giving Gold Medal winner Momiji Nishiya a congratulatory hug. It’s worth watching, not just to see two thirteen year old girls show us how Olympic sportsmanship is, but also the absolutely incredible front-end weaknesses – for those who are impressed with Leal’s Vine looks, her Olympic show will be mind-blowing.