Ray Bouderau, the producer of the ‘Bill and Ted 2’ comedy sequel, was arrested along with his girlfriend

After a New York City burglary spree, one of the producers of the movie Bill and Ted: Face the Music is behind bars with his estranged partner. 

On Tuesday, the Suffolk County district attorney announced the arrests of Raymond Bouderau & Jacqueline Jewett. According to the DA, the robbery they carried out netted them more that $1 million in guns, including an AR-15 and jewelry. They also had cash and cash. 

The robberies  took place at two homes, one in Manhattan, where Bouderau lives, and the other in affluent Sag Harbor on Long Island’s North Fork. 

The woman targeted in the thefts was Jewett’s former lover. Jewett, a mother of six children and a divorcee, planned the burglaries because she knew that the woman was on vacation. Officials said that she used the victims’ iCloud data as a way to track her movements.  

Producer Ray Bouderau photographed on his Facebook Page with his daughter, Keanu Reeves, in 2019.

At the press conference, Raymond Tierney, District Attorney, stated that: “If you steal property from another person, life isn’t like the movies.”

He Continued: ‘Whether it was at the point a gun, or in this case by planning an elaborate heist. Suffolk County District attorney’s office will hunt down you and our law enforcement partners.

Bouderau and Jewett will be facing felony grand forgery charges. The serial number of the AR-15 that was found was scratched off, and it is often referred to as a ghost gun. 

Tierney said: ‘Pictures of artwork and some stolen materials were found on Bouderau’s phone, and it is believed he was looking at various pieces of artwork to try to determine their worth.’ 

Bouderau And Jewett Were Arrested On November 30, According To The Suffolk County Da'S Office

According to the Suffolk County DA’s office, Bouderau and Jewett were both arrested on November 30, 

Connecticut Resident Jewett Turned Herself Into Authorities When She Found At That There Was A Warrant Out For Her Arrest

Jewett, a Connecticut resident, turned herself in to authorities after she discovered that a warrant was out for her arrest

1670611190 659 Ray Bouderau Producer Of Bill And Ted Comedy Franchise Sequel

Jewett, a Connecticut resident, turned herself in to authorities after she discovered that a warrant was out for her arrest 

District Attorney Raymond Tierney Said At The Press Conference: 'If There'S One Thing That This Case Illustrates Is That Life Is Not Like The Movies, And In Suffolk County, If You Steal Other People'S Property'

At the press conference, Raymond Tierney, District Attorney, stated that: “If there’s anything that this case illustrates, it’s that life isn’t like the movies and in Suffolk County if you steal the property of other people’s property.”

According to the DA the pair broke into the Sag Harbor house through a basement window on September 22. The duo cut the electricity while they were downstairs. From Bouderau and Jewett broke into several safes and thrashed their house. 

The couple broke into the Manhattan home of the woman on September 25. Both crimes were linked through iCloud data as well as a license plate reader. The DA stated that Bouderau’s pickup truck was used for both crimes. 

Bouderau’s Manhattan home was searched on November 30th by investigators. They found an AR-15 rifle as well 50 bottles of wine and 750g of ketamine (aka Special K) in their possession. Jewett later admitted to her part in the theft. 

According to a press release by the Suffolk County DA’s Office, Bouderau is being represented in court by the Legal Aid Society. 

Photos from Bouderau’s Instagram show him with A list movie stars like Alec Baldwin, Keanu Reeves, and Alec Baldwin.  

According To A Press Release From The Suffolk County Da'S Office, Bouderau, Pictured Here With Fellow New Yorker Alec Baldwin, Is Being Represented By The Legal Aid Society

According to a release from the Suffolk County DA’s Office, Bouderau is being represented by The Legal Aid Society.

Emilio Estevez Pictured With Bouderau At The Premiere For The 2019 Movie The Public That The Pair Collaborated On

Emilio Estevez and Bouderau pictured together at the premiere of The Public 2019, the 2019 movie that the pair co-produced

Bouderau is listed as the chief executive officer on the website of Living the Dream Films. His bio says: “Bouderau has had an insatiable love affair with television and movies throughout his life.” From Ray is a restaurateur and bar owner who has also been involved in construction and New York City realty. Ray continues to push the limits of everyday life.

His bio says that he has worked with stars such as Amanda Seyfreid, Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp, Adam Levine and Taylor Schilling. The profile links you to different social media pages. All of these were disabled at his arrest. 

In a 2018 interview, Bouderau said: ‘I’m a Philanthropist. I have been fortunate in life so I believe it’s my duty to give back and also help draw attention to the less fortunate.’ He also credits his success in getting sober for helping him achieve his goals in life.

Baldwin, Emilio Estevez, and Christian Slater were all part of Bouderau’s 2018 movie, The Public. 

His most recent film, a World The War II movie, Burning at Both Ends, was not widely distributed. 

Review by The Guardian The film had “the kernel of an idea” but the film was not able to fully capitalize on it. [the] It is a difficult situation that leaves out opportunities elsewhere. Instead, it focuses on self-satisfaction and fighting the just battle.

According to Her LinkedIn page Jewett is a Westbrook resident. She She graduated from St. Lawrence University and The State University of New York. Jewett stated that she was working as an admissions advisor at college at the time of her arrest. 

While on Facebook, Jewett refers to herself as: ‘Courageous-Resilient-Connector-Leader-Listener-Educator-Mentor-Friend- ATM(Awesome Terrific Mom).’ 

Court records show Jewett is being held on $400,000 bond while Bouderau’s was set to $650,000. Speaking to Newsday, Gerard McCloskery was Jewett’s lawyer. He said:She’s pled not guilty. She’s a 57-year-old woman who has never been in any legal trouble in her life.’

After being informed that she had a warrant for her arrest, Jewett surrendered to authorities on November 30, 2007. 

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