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Rats in the laundry? ‘Gross’ tubs? NFL players grade their teams on new report cards



That’s the word several Chargers players used to describe the hot and cold pools at their team’s temporary practice facility in Costa Mesa.

But speaking of gross, those players should be counting their blessings that they’re not in Jacksonville, where Jaguars players reported their locker room and laundry baskets were infested with rats for several weeks last season.

Or in Cincinnati. Players for the Bengals and Jaguars noted incidents of women nursing babies on public bathroom floors because the teams’ stadiums do not have family rooms.

Maybe they all wish they were in Las Vegas, where the league is jealous of the Raiders’ facilities.

Or in Carolina, where the Panthers have a golf simulator in their newly renovated locker room.

All that information, and much more, was on the team report cards released by the NFL Players Assn. this week as part of an effort to help free agents make their decisions in the coming weeks.

Surveys were emailed to every player on a 2022 team roster, and 1,300 players responded. The NFLPA followed up with some qualitative questions for those players, then gave its final grades and ranked the teams based on player satisfaction in various categories.

Neither local team fared particularly well, with the Rams 25th overall and the Chargers 30th. It is worth noting that many of the complaints can be resolved when the teams move to permanent training facilities. (The Jaguars, 28th overall, are also working on a new, presumably rat-free practice facility.)

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