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Rapper Afroman sued by police officers who raided his Ohio home


Rapper Afroman is being sued by police officers for showing footage of their 2022 raid on his Ohio home in various music videos and on social media.

Four deputies, two sergeants and a detective from the Adams County Sheriff’s Office filed the lawsuit last month, claiming that the use of the video was a “malicious” act that tarnished his reputation. As a result, they have faced “emotional distress, embarrassment, ridicule” and “humiliation,” according to the lawsuit.

The clips in question were taken during a search of Afroman’s home on August 21, 2022. The rapper, whose real name is Joseph Foreman, was not present at the time, but his wife, who was at home, managed to record officers on his cellphone security cameras located around his property in Adams County also caught some of the chaos.

Law enforcement officers at the time were acting on a “lawfully issued search warrant,” which stated that they had probable cause to believe that drugs and drug paraphernalia would likely be found on the property. The authorities further alleged that kidnappings and sex trafficking had also taken place at the residence.

His suspicions ultimately turned out to be unfounded, and the search turned up no evidence to support the allegations. No charges were ever filed.

Foreman later used clips from the failed raid in music videos for his songs “Lemon Pound Cake” and “Will You Help Me Repair My Door”. He also used the images to promote her music in various social media posts.

A snippet of video shows police breaking down her door as they enter the house with weapons drawn. Another captured them marching through their kitchen, with one of the officers repeatedly looking at the cake on the counter.

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Foreman, best known for his songs “Because I Got High” and “Crazy Rap, both from the album “The Good Times,” was named in the lawsuit along with his record label and a Texas-based media distribution company.

The plaintiffs are seeking all of Foreman’s earnings derived from the use of his characters. That includes funds from the songs, music videos and tickets to live events, as well as proceeds from promoting Foreman’s Afroman brand, under which he sells beer, marijuana, T-shirts and other merchandise.

They are also seeking a court order to remove all videos and posts containing their images.

foreman in a Instagram post on Wednesday he promised he would counter-sue the officers.

“Every active meth lab in Adams County (and) comes to my house,” he wrote. “Find nothing, steal my money, disconnect my camera, and then sue me for humiliating you.”

“I can’t believe my cheesy jokes are more powerful than assault rifles,” the rapper continued. “They are ready to shoot me in front of my children.”

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