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Ranked Play Will Become Unbuild in Fortnite Battle Royale in v24.40!


Players have spent a lot of time leveling up in the battle royale game Fortnite, now it’s almost time to raise the rank. Starting from Version 24.40 of Fortnite, Battle Royale and No Build mode will now have a ranked play option! Activate ranked play and start your journey to reach “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum” or more.

But before starting your journey by raising the ranks, you should know more about ranked play, as there are many frequently asked questions about the ranked Battle Royale Fortnite, which are as follows..

What will the ratings be?

Rankings will span Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Hero, and Fairy. Bronze and Diamond will have three ranks, while Elite, Hero, and Legendary will have one. Climb up the Bronze ranks to reach Silver, then move up the Silver ranks to reach Gold.

Do the same for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond to reach the Elite! Once you reach the Elite, prove yourself against other highly skilled players to advance to Champion, and then finally to Legendary.

Will there be any kind of season system?

The first appearance of ranked play in v24.40 will mark the start of season zero seed. Season Zero continues until the end of Season 3 Chapter 4 of the Battle Royale. We’ll use this time to make any adjustments to issues and concerns that come up, while also working on additional features and general improvements when ranked play begins after the regular Battle Royale season schedule.

What will be my starting rank in season zero?

Your starting rank in Battle Royale and No Building in Season 0 will be based on your performance in the previous match, as well as your performance in the first ranked Battle Royale match as well as in No Building. For Battle Royale and No Building, you will only need to play one ranked match to show your rank.

Is there something special about getting into the superstitious rankings?

Once you reach Fairy, you will remain in the Fairy ranks for the duration of that ranked season. This means that you will not return to previous rankings for the rest of the season regardless of your future performance. So does this mean that you succeeded when you reach the superstitious? no! Upon reaching the fairy, you will get a number indicating your place among the players of the world’s fairy ranks.

Keep doing well in ranked matches to increase your rank and be among the best players in the world! You will see your position in the Legendary Rankings in Battle Royale and/or None based on the Legendary Rankings Leaderboard, which will be directly on the official website.

The leaderboard will be updated regularly and display the name of the epic show of the participants and the legendary position, so you can take a look at the competition.

Players can opt out of being shown on the leaderboard by turning off “General Game Stats” in the “Gameplay Privacy” section of the in-game account and privacy settings in Fortnite.

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How can I move up the rankings?

In the lobby, if you set ‘Rank’ to ‘On’, you will see your current rank on the left of the screen. You will also see a progress bar indicating how far you are from advancing to the next rating or back to the previous rating.

How much the progress bar increases or decreases after a match depends on the following factors:

  • Your position in confrontation
  • How many eliminations did you or your team get in a match
  • There will be more eliminations later in the match than earlier in the match.
  • The ratings of the players you or your team have finished will be taken into account.

Teams will be treated as a unit — all team members will gain and lose progress equally based on team eliminations and the team’s calculated position at the end of the match.

Your team’s rating will be determined by the highest-ranked player on the team. For example, if a team is composed of players of Gold I and Silver I, it will find them as Team Gold I and play against teams of similar rank.

What modes will support ranked play?

In version 24.40, ranked play will begin with the following supported modes of Battle Royale and no build:

Battle royale

  • individual confrontation
  • Bilateral confrontations
  • the difference

without building

  • Bilateral confrontations
  • You will have separate ranks for both Battle Royale and No Building.

How will matching work in ranked play?

If you are playing heads-up, you will be matched against opponents of the same or similar rank as you. And if you play Duos or Teams, your team will have a ‘Group Rank’. Your group’s rating will be equivalent to that of the best teammate. Your team will be matched against teams of the same rank or group rank.

Although you will have a group rank, you will also maintain your individual rank. The movement of the progress bar for your individual rank will depend on your and your team’s performance in the Duos/Team Match. Players can also enter ranked matches regardless of which match region they are in.

Will there be any gameplay differences between ranked and unranked matches?

Turning on ranked play will pit you against other players who have ranked play enabled. You can expect all of the loot and other gameplay features that are enabled in traditional Battle Royale and No Building in Season Zero as we continue to monitor and evaluate the ranked player experience. With that in mind, we’ll be making the following changes to the budget in v24.40:

  • Material limits will be lowered from 999 to 500.
  • Harvest rates will be slightly increased.
  • Players will drop 50 of each item when they are eliminated.


Ranked play is for both new and veteran Fortnite players. To ensure that new players improve, players with Epic Accounts that have never been used to sign in to Fortnite will need to complete a specific task (withstanding 500+ opponents) before they can activate the ranked play option.

Will there be in-game rewards for playing in ranked matches?

When exiting the Battle Bus in a Ranked Match, you will be given an Urgent Ranked Mission. By completing Urgent Ranked Quests, you will earn seasonal cosmetic rewards. A new Ranked Urgent Mission is awarded each match, and Urgent Ranked Quest progress does not carry over between matches.

How will ranked play affect competitive play?

With the addition of ranked play, Arena will be discontinued in v24.40. The remaining tournaments in Season 2 Chapter 4 of Battle Royale will not have a rank requirement to qualify, with the exception of the Controller Champions Cup. Players will need to reach a Platinum I rating or higher in ranked Battle Royale to be eligible to compete in the Controller Champions Cup on May 23.

Your ranking in the next Battle Royale season will be among other factors in the player’s eligibility requirements for tournaments hosted by Epic. This includes cosmetic prize tournaments such as the Celebrity Series Cup, as well as cash prize tournaments such as the FNCS competition. As with all other qualification requirements, the specific ranking requirements for a particular tournament will be incorporated into the Official Rules for that tournament.

please note: Tournaments hosted by Epic will continue to have different loot and other gameplay features over other matches.

There’s more in Version 24.40: Balancing Changes

  • Material limits will be lowered from 999 to 500.
  • Harvest rates will be slightly increased.
  • Players will drop 50 of each item when they are eliminated.

Also, in case you missed it, we’ve made the following balancing changes in our May 3 quick fix:

  • Increased damage to the Shot Lock Pistol and Thunder Lance.
  • Increased aim lock gun lock speed and throw rate between shots.
  • Thunder lances now explode faster after pulling the valve.
  • Realistic predictions in tournaments have been increased.

Big bug fixes are coming in version 24.40

  • Continuing to make improvements regarding some of the larger boulders in Battle Royale Island is not providing as many items as planned.
  • Fixes an issue that prevented players from recovering with brew juice after falling dead.
  • Backpacks equipped with the Clone Soldier Outfit will no longer appear separately.
  • The Clone Soldier Outfit’s head movement will no longer be static.
  • Fixes an issue causing some outfits to appear shiny.
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