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Ranked matches are finally coming to Fortnite with the next update to the Battle Royale and Unbuild modes


The Fortnite team has shared details of the upcoming update via The official blogconfirming that players will compete against others around the world to reach the ranks of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Elite, Champion, and Unreal.

Season 1 will be Ranked Matches within Season Zero, and will continue until the end of Chapter 4 Season 3. When Season Zero begins, players will be ranked “based on your performance in the previous match, as well as your performance in the first Ranked Battle Royale match, and the first Zero Build Ranked match as well.” .

Players will be able to see their current rank on the left of the screen if the Ranked option is turned on, and there will also be a progress bar showing you how close you are to progressing or losing a rank. This bar will increase or decrease based on the position of the match and the amount of eliminations you or your team have earned in the match, eliminations later in a match will count more than those earned earlier, and players you have eliminated will be “taken out” in consedration”.

If you play as a team, all members gain and lose progress “based on team eliminations and the team’s calculated position at the end of the match.” Also, the ranking of your team will depend on the player with the highest rank at the start of the match.

When v24.40 arrives, ranked matches will be supported in Solo, Duos, and Squad modes in Battle Royale and Zero Build’s Duos, and there will be separate ranks for Battle Royale and Zero Build.

There will also be seasonal in-game cosmetic rewards in Ranked Matches, which can be achieved by completing Urgent Ranked Missions. There will be a new Urgent Ranked Mission awarded to players each match, but the progress of previous missions does not carry over between matches. The final cosmetic reward for Season Zero in ranked matches will be the Burn Bright Emote that will show your current rank to other players in the game.

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