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Rampaging Vikings were fed by hallucinogenic herbal teas, which made them feel less pain

Rampaging Vikings were nourished by hallucinogenic herbal teas, making them feel less pain and becoming “very aggressive,” scientists say

  • Viking warriors known as berserkers went naked in battle in animal frenzy
  • The elite hunters were known for their cruel attacks in the Scandinavian Middle Ages
  • Scientists believe that the secret of their fearlessness was brain-crushing hallucinogens
  • ‘Smelly poultry’ plant infused with tea or alcohol to make them feel less pain

Viking warriors were fed a hallucinogenic herbal tea while undergoing bloodthirsty raids in Northern Europe, scientists claim.

The warrior culture of the Scandinavian Middle Ages was characterized by Norwegian skirmishes with their neighboring communities, which often involved looting and looting.

According to historians, elite hunters, known as berserkers who went into battle without traditional armor, got into a state of animal frenzy before they fought.

It is said that after the battles were over their anger diminished. Scientists now believe that the secret behind their fearless disasters were mind-expanding hallucinogens.

Known as ‘smelly henbane’, which is otherwise poisonous, the plant caused the warriors to dress for the fight and start a crazy attack.

A wood engraving by Hugo Vogel from a Norwegian raid under Olaf Tryggvesson, circa 994 AD

A wood engraving by Hugo Vogel from a Norwegian raid under Olaf Tryggvesson, circa 994 AD

It would not have allowed the notorious warriors to feel the same amount of pain, but also to become “unpredictable and very aggressive” and “make them lose touch with reality,” researchers said.

Karsten Fatur, an ethnobotanist at the University of Ljbuljana in Slovenia, said the Vikings could have made tea from the powerful herb or had drunk it with alcohol.

He told me Times: ‘They could have made tea from it, they could have made alcohol from it, they could have spread the animal in animal fat and rub it on their skin.

“It would have reduced their sense of pain and made them wild, unpredictable, and very aggressive.

‘There may also have been dissociative effects, such as losing contact with reality. This might have allowed them to kill without moral criticism. ”

Previous theories attributed to the fearsome Viking fighting skills would be large amounts of alcohol, insanity, or psychedelic mushrooms.

Fatur agreed that the mushroom could have explained their delirium, but believes it would have caused the “decline” that followed.

He added: “Although aggressiveness and hyperactivity can occur, these symptoms are rare and are not seen as common markers of A. muscaria poisoning.”

Armies throughout history have used mind-alert drugs to help their soldiers improve their fighting, including the Romans, US troops in Vietnam and Hitler’s Wehrmacht.