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Ralph Lauren Unveils Paris-Inspired Team USA 2024 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremony Uniforms

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The look from Team USA's opening ceremony for the Paris 2024 Olympics

Ralph Lauren, Team USA’s official supplier to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, has released this year’s looks for the opening and closing ceremonies in Paris.

At the opening ceremony of the games, which will take place with boats that will transport athletes along the Seine River, athletes will sport a preppy style.

Athletes will wear a navy blue fleece jacket with red and white trim with the company’s pony logo on the left side and Team USA’s Olympic logo on the right side.

Underneath the blazers will be a blue striped Oxford shirt, and the entire ensemble will be paired with jeans and a suede shoe on the bottom.

Male athletes will wear a dark blue knit tie, while female athletes will wear an open collar style without any type of tie.

Team USA's Closing Ceremony Look for the Paris 2024 Olympics

Opening (L) and Closing (R) Ceremony seeks Team USA at the Paris Olympics

Paralympic swimmer Jessica Long wearing her opening ceremony uniform
Team USA's Jagger Eaton in Closing Ceremony Look

A closer look at the two designs for Team USA’s opening (L) and closing (R) ceremonies.

As for the uniforms for the closing ceremony, they will be much more sporty and inspired by motorsports clothing.

Athletes at the games will wear a racing-style jacket covered with various Team USA logos, as well as the icon of the sports in which each person participates.

In addition to the jackets, the team will wear white jeans with “Team USA” printed on one side, as well as a Team USA belt, polo shirt and baseball cap.

In a press release, Ralph Lauren says this collection is inspired by America, but is also “inspired by the dynamic and vibrant host city of Paris.”

The fashion brand also says the uniforms “embody the spirit and pride of Team USA.” and at the same time serve “as a symbol of unity and inspiration for both our team and the millions of fans who will cheer them on.”

This is the ninth time Ralph Lauren has styled Team USA’s looks at the Opening and Closing Ceremony shows.

While Ralph Lauren has the opening and closing ceremony looks covered, Nike will handle any medal ceremony attire.

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