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Rainbow Six Siege’s Newest Operator Teases Before Full Reveal

Ubisoft has started teasing the latest operator coming to its long-running tactical shooter, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The newest operator, codenamed Sens, appears in a half-minute sneak peek that shows off what Ubisoft already calls a “game-changing” device.

The teaser shows Sens rappelling down towards a target, a familiar sight to anyone who has played Rainbow Six Siege, and deploying the aforementioned device before they hit the ground. When they deploy the device, which appears to be on a wheel, it bounces off the walls, leaving a trail of holograms in a triangular formation that obscures their landing. They pull out a camera from behind the hologram wall before emerging, at which point the walls disappear.

Functionally, the device seems to work like many of the wall abilities in Valorant, another popular shooter with characters that have unique abilities. While walls in Valorant often have additional side effects, such as Viper’s poison wall causing decomposition to anyone who walks through it, the main point of Sens’s holograms seems to be obscuring a point, though any side effects that might have is yet to be seen or confirmed.

The device is the first of its kind in Rainbow Six Siege, so it’s no joke that it can change the game a bit if there aren’t enough counters in the game. It’s currently unknown if players will be able to deploy Sens’s walls in a pattern similar to what can be seen in the trailer or what kind of restrictions (such as a time limit) the walls will have, but people won’t have to wait long. to find out.

The upcoming season, titled Operation Vector Glare, will be fully revealed alongside Sens on May 22. Sens will arrive as part of Operation Vector Glare, the second season of Siege’s seventh year of content, or the 26th expansion for the game overall. Operation Vector Glare is also expected to come with a new Team Deathmatch map and shooting range, according to Siege. Year 7 Roadmap.

In GameSpot’s review of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, we rated the game 10/10, calling it “not just a compelling shooter, but one of the best examples of teamwork, tactics, and top-notch shooting.”

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