Rafael Nadal questions Naomi Osaka’s press boycott during the French Open


Rafael Nadal questions Naomi Osaka’s press boycott at French Open as world No. 3 warns rivals ‘we wouldn’t be the athletes we are today’ WITHOUT the media

  • Rafael Nadal says he respects Naomi Osaka’s decision but disagrees
  • The 23-year-old announced her decision earlier this week via a social media post
  • She believes the press has a tendency to ‘kick players when they are down’
  • Osaka has won four grand slam titles, but has yet to triumph at Roland Garros

Rafael Nadal has questioned Naomi Osaka’s decision not to participate in press conferences at the French Open, saying the media play an important role in athletes’ careers.

Osaka revealed earlier this week that she would not speak to the media, after claiming they had a tendency to “ kick players when they are down ”.

However, her decision met with widespread criticism and Nadal disagreed with her feelings.

Rafael Nadal has questioned Naomi Osaka’s decision to boycott her media policy

Osaka announced her intentions not to speak to the press at the French Open on Twitter

“I respect it,” said Nadal. ‘Of course I respect her as an athlete and her personality.

‘I respect her decision. I do not know. I mean, we as sports people, I mean, we have to be willing to accept the questions and try to answer them, right?

‘I understand her, but on the other hand I mean to me, without the press, without the people who normally travel, who write the news and achievements that we have around the world, we probably won’t be the athletes that we are today.

‘We [wouldn’t] have the recognition we have all over the world, and we won’t be that popular, will we? ‘

Osaka posted a lengthy statement on Twitter earlier this week explaining the pressures athletes face when faced with press inquiries.

Naomi Osaka released a statement this week saying she will boycott the press during the French Open

The world's number 2 cited mental health issues as the reason behind her decision

World No. 2 Osaka cited mental health concerns for her reason for boycotting her press duties

Born in Japan and now based in the United States, the 23-year-old has won two Australian Open and two US Open titles.

However, she has to go even further than the third round at Roland Garros.

The French Open starts on Sunday in Paris while the Polish Iga Swiatek wants to defend her title in singles.