Rachel Corbett breaks down as she farewells Carrie Bickmore during her final episode of The Project

On Wednesday night, The Project said farewell to Carrie Bickmore, 41-year-old host of the Project. This was her 13-year-long tenure on the show.

Special editions of Channel 10 featured guest appearances by Rove McManus and FifiBox, as well as tributes to the TV personality.

Bickmore and her fellow panellists – Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar and Tommy Little – kicked off celebrations while sipping on champagne and brutally roasting each other before a tearful first segment.

Carrie Bickmore (left), and Rachel Corbett (right), both from The Project, couldn’t help but sob as they sat side to side at the desk.

A montage then began displaying Bickmore’s outstanding efforts to raise awareness and funds to fight brain cancer, after her husband Greg passed away with the disease in 2010.

Corbett, 41 years old, was the second guest on the panel. She wept as she and Bickmore reflected on their time together.

As they reflected on all their heartfelt and emotional stories over the years, the pair couldn’t help but sob as they sat side-by side at the desk.

Corbett broke down and said, “I’m so sorry you’re leaving because I have loved sitting beside you for six years,” through tears.

Bickmore And Her Fellow Panellists - Waleed Aly, Peter Helliar And Tommy Little - Kicked Off Celebrations While Sipping On Champagne And Brutally Roasting Each Other Before A Tearful First Segment

Bickmore, along with her fellow panellists – Waleed Aly. Peter Helliar. and Tommy Little – kicked off celebrations while sipping champagne and brutally roasting one another before a tearful start to the first segment.

“You are generous, kind, and a great performer. People love you at home. You are the perfect combination of professionalism and authenticity. This show has been a huge success because of your generosity. 

In October, Bickmore announced her resignation from The Project.

The Gold Logie winner has been on The Project desk from the inception of the program in 2009, and is now a familiar face on Australian screens. 

She She had been on a three-month’sabbatical,’ spending time with her family in London. In July, she returned to the panel, but was forced to quit in October.

Carrie Announced Her Departure From The Project In October

Carrie announced her resignation from The Project in Oct

The Panel Looked Back At All The Tearful And Heartfelt Stories They'D Covered Over The Years

The panel reflected on all the heartfelt and tearful stories they had covered over the years

She After her departure from The Project’s National Drive Show, Tommy Little has been confirmed as the host of Hit Network’s new national show.

Her Management is also in discussions with all three commercial networks in order to secure her future TV opportunities after she leaves Channel 10.

Sarah Harris, who hosted Studio 10, will now take over the role of host on The Project. 

Stellar magazine recently reported that Sarah said, “I didn’t see this coming.” I still haven’t gotten it all figured out.

The Gold Logie Winner Has Been On The Project Desk Since The Program Launched In 2009

The Gold Since 2009, Logie has been a Project winner.

Bickmore Has Since Become A Familiar Face On Australian Screens

Bickmore has since become a familiar face on Australian screens

“It’s an amazing opportunity to take on some very large shoes and be part The Project’s next chapter.

“I’m excited to learn more about Waleed and the team. This is a great job in TV and it feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Carrie’s co-stars Lisa Wilkinson and Peter Helliar also shocked viewers when they both announced their departures from the struggling current affairs program last week.

Peter, 47 years old, announced his resignation from The Project on Tuesday evening and said he had decided to leave after Carrie, his co-host, left.

“Carrie, you said recently that you were glad to be leaving The Project while it was still a favorite show of yours. I love The Project as well. He explained that he really does.

“The Project is very important to me. It has done incredible things for me. I was privileged to interview Luke Skywalker once. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

He Also read Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa On Wednesday, he said he wanted to “do things with both my personal and professional life”.

‘[There are] He said, “Things I want to do with the rest of my life, not only professionally, but personally, and I’ve already booked into London’s ashes next year.”

“It’s not just 10 Years on The Project. It was 10 years before that, Rove Live is still in the office every single day.

Lisa declared that she would be quitting on November 20, 20.

The TV presenter, now 62, shocked viewers by his shocking admission.

“I have decided that it’s time for me to reprioritise some things in my life,” the TV veteran said. He was joined by co-hosts Hamish Mcdonald, and The Bachelor’s Laura Byrne.

“And after almost fifteen years of being awake at dawn for breakfast TV and five years here at The Project desk I’m now looking at how I want my next years to be professionally and personally.

Lisa’s exit comes after a controversial year for the television presenter, during which she was taken off air following her disastrous Logies speech that resulted in a rape trial being delayed.

Bickmore Said She Was Going To Miss Her 'Mates On The Desk' And The 'Wonderful Viewers' Who Have Supported The Show For Over A Decade

Bickmore stated that she would miss her “mates at the desk” and the “wonderful viewers” who supported the show for more than a decade.

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