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“Questions Regarding Clarence Thomas’ Finances are Now Connected to His Wife Ginni”


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas faces more questions about his financial situation with a new report Sunday about the thousands of dollars in income he reported from a real estate company with ties to his wife, Jenny Thomas.

And that company no longer exists after it closed 17 years ago

Thomas reported, on his financial disclosure forms The total rental income is hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company called Ginger, Ltd., Partnership, Washington Post mentioned.

But this Nebraska-based real estate company, which started in the 1980s, hasn’t been around since 2006.

Recent revelations about problems with Thomas’ legally required financial disclosure forms raise questions about how seriously he takes his commitment to public disclosure of his finances.

Public officials are required to fill out these forms to prove if they have any conflict of interest between their personal finances and their public duties. Thomas faces calls for an investigation and his resignation.

Latest Questions About Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Financial Disclosure Form Linked To Wife Jenny Thomas – Above The Couple At The 2019 White House Dinner

The Washington Post report on Sunday also detailed how Thomas made mistakes in his forms for years, many of them related to his controversial wife Jenny, who became a nationally known figure in the aftermath of the 2020 election when reports revealed her emails to Arizona. Officials who were skeptical of Joe Biden’s victory in that state.

Clarence Thomas’ recent problems are related to this real estate company, which closed in 2006.

After it closed, the holdings were taken over by a new company, Ginger Holdings, LLC, run by Ginni Thomas’ sister.

Ginger Holdings, LLC is incorporated in a home in Lincoln, Nebraska, and employs two people. According to her purchase, she is working in the financial services industry.

But Thomas reported the income from the defunct company—between $50,000 and $100,000 annually in recent years—without mentioning the new company.

It could be a simple error in the paperwork.

But the Supreme Court judge has faced questions about his financial standing since ProPublic revealed that he and his wife Jenny accepted lavish, luxurious vacations from Dallas based republican The mega benefactor is Harlan Crow who Thomas has never publicly disclosed, though he is legally obligated to do so.

Thomas said he did not disclose them because the flights were from a friend and that it was emphasized that “personal hospitality” from close friends was allowed.

But the CREW watchdog group has filed civil and criminal complaints against him in the matter and Democratic senators have called on Chief Justice John Roberts to investigate the gifts from CREW.

Some Democrats have called for the Supreme Court to adopt a formal code of ethics—it is currently the only court in the federal judiciary that does not have one for its nine members.

Some have even called for the 74-year-old Thomas to resign. Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib called for his impeachment.

Justice did not respond Washington PostInquiries about real estate income.

The company is run by Joanne Elliott, sister of Jenny Thomas.

Elliott told the newspaper they could ask her sister, Jenny, about the matter.

“You can call her and she can respond to anything she wants you to know,” Elliott said before hanging up on the news outlet.

Clarence Thomas has described receiving between $270,000 and $750,000 from Nebraska since 2006, describing it as “rent.” His salary as a judge this year is $285,000.

The income is related to investments made by Jenny Thomas’ late parents. Jenny Thomas from Omaha.

Ginni Thomas' income has been an issue in the past on her husband's disclosure forms

Ginni Thomas’ income has been an issue in the past on her husband’s disclosure forms

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is facing calls for his resignation

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is facing calls for his resignation

Ginni Thomas is not mentioned in government incorporation records for establishing the new company.

But her income has been a problem for Thomas in the past.

In the 2000s, he failed to disclose his wife’s employment as required by law until the watchdog group Common Cause reported the omission.

Ginni Thomas earned more than $686,000 from the conservative Heritage Foundation from 2003 through 2007, but he designated a “nil” fund for his wife’s income during that time.

He did the same in 2008 and 2009 when I worked at Hillsdale Conservative College.

He admitted wrongdoing in 2011 when he edited his files, saying the information was “inadvertently deleted due to a misunderstanding of filing instructions.”

Jenny Thomas is a longtime conservative attorney and activist.

She was a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, when Trump falsely claimed it was stolen from him, her Email correspondence between with Trump election attorney John Eastman – who supported the legal theory that the then vice president claimed Mike Pence He had the power to overturn the results of state elections – back.

Clarence Thomas also faces questions about gifts from billionaire Republican donor Harlan

Clarence Thomas also faces questions about gifts from billionaire Republican donor Harlan

Subsequent evidence emerged that Thomas encouraged legislators in Arizona and Wisconsin to overturn the results of the presidential elections.

She was called to testify before the committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol.

Many critics have called on Judge Thomas to recuse himself from any election-related cases before the Supreme Court.

Jenny Thomas told the Jan. 6 Commission that sstays in “political” corridor At home, her husband stays in the “legal” lane.

“He’s not interested in politics,” she said. “I did not speak to him at all about the details of my post-election activities, which were very minimal.”

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