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QUESTION TONY: Why did it take Aviva nine months to get me back on the bike?

QUESTION TONY: Why did it take my insurer 9 months into gear after my e-bike was written off?

Last March I rode my e-bike on the luggage carrier. A vehicle stopped in front of me, which forced me to brake. The driver behind it ran into my car and caused extensive damage.

I reported the accident to my insurer, Aviva.

The other driver acknowledged liability. Aviva advised sending the claim for damage to the e-bike and rack to attorney Irwin Mitchell, who handled the third party claims.

Pedaling backwards: a reader waited nine months for insurer Aviva to replace his electric bike that was destroyed in a car accident

Pedaling backwards: a reader waited nine months for insurer Aviva to replace his electric bike that was destroyed in a car accident

I am still waiting for payment. The delays are due to the pandemic. All it takes is a settlement of £ 514.99 for a new rack and £ 2,950 for the e-bike.

GB, Budleigh Salterton, Devon.

Tony Hazell replies: You hoped your undisputed claim would be resolved quickly. But the only thing some insurance companies do quickly is pay premiums.

Aviva and Irwin Mitchell say they worked for you behind the scenes. Axa was the insurer for the other driver, and Irwin Mitchell says he only coughed when a lawsuit was imminent.

An Aviva spokesperson apologizes for the delay, telling me, “There was a delay with the other insurer making the payment, despite being liable for the accident at an early stage. However, the payment has now been made by the other insurer to our customer following legal proceedings. ‘

A spokesman for Irwin Mitchell apologizes, saying, “The other insurer did not respond to repeated chases for payment over several months.”

Axa tells a different story. It apologizes but says it was hampered by delays in receiving requested documentation. This included clarifying the scope of the claim, which he says was not delivered until July 21, and images of the damage, which he says he never received.

An Axa spokesperson said: “We responded quickly to all correspondence, but there was a delay in providing the information we needed to verify the claim. We paid to close the claim. ‘

You gave me a copy of the email you sent to Irwin Mitchell on March 31 with pictures of the damage. Aviva has added £ 50 to your payment as a goodwill gesture and Irwin Mitchell paid £ 100 ex gratia.

How can I track down an old building fund account?

My wife found an old Cheltenham & Gloucester passbook with a balance of £ 4,107. We visited the linked address in Solihull, where there is now a TSB branch, and were informed that C&G had been acquired by Lloyds in 1995.

In 2013, the sites were renamed TSB.

The staff directed us to the nearest Lloyds branch.

Lloyds said the account no longer existed and sent us back to TSB where the staff told us to visit mylostaccount.org.uk. This site could not find our account.

JD, Solihull, W. Mids.

Lloyds looked again at my request. Your account has been closed and £ 4,310.91 was transferred to Alliance & Leicester on 6 June 2008.

Alliance & Leicester was acquired by Santander later that year. You tell me you’d like to take over here.

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Straight to the point

I paid £ 40.10 for a uSense hairdryer from Amazon, but was sent a £ 15 version. I sent it back but it never arrived. I could only claim the value of the package from Royal Mail.

CH, Lancashire.

Royal Mail agreed to cover the cost of the more expensive item plus shipping. Amazon also refunded you the full amount and gave you a gift card.

You tried to refund the amount that Royal Mail offered you, but it said not to worry. You say you are going to use the money to buy goods for a local food bank.


My wife’s easyJet flight to Belfast has been canceled due to the pandemic. Her travel agent XL Escapes promised to refund her £ 141.46 within ten working days, but it’s been six months and it hasn’t appeared.

WP, by email.

EasyJet says your wife applied for a voucher in June, which she offered to exchange for cash. This was paid to the broker who deducted an administration fee of around £ 40.


When I called British Gas there was an automatic message saying no calls were answered. I tried to email but was told it is not responding to emails either.

RC, Derbyshire.

The company believes you have heard a message that it prioritizes emergency response for vulnerable customers.

Those who hold on can still talk to someone. British Gas does not have a dedicated email address for complaints.


I cannot use my Sainsbury’s Gift Cards online. Can you help?

PL, Norfolk.

Sainsbury’s has confirmed that you can only use the gift cards in-store. They expire after two years.