Queensland urologist Daryl Stephens accused of leaving patient with mutilated penis

Doctor charged with mutilating a patient’s penis and blowing his nose during surgery after being fined for incompetence, but allowed to continue working

  • Surgeon accused of leaving patient with mutilated penis after surgery in 2017
  • Daryl Stephens Suspended From Mackay Hospital And Health Service
  • Complaints about the behavior of the urologist in Queensland date from 2019
  • He is accused of sneezing and blowing his nose on a curtain during surgery



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A surgeon has been accused of mutilating a patient’s penis and blowing his nose on a curtain during surgery.

Daryl Stephens has been suspended from Mackay Hospital and Health Service after an investigation into hygiene issues.

Complaints were filed against the controversial urologist, including that he sneezed and then blown his nose on a curtain during surgery, leaving a Queensland father of two with a deformed penis.

A tribunal ruled in 2018 that Dr Stephens, who went to work in Western Australia, had displayed ‘incompetence’ at the most serious level in caring for a cancer patient.

Daryl Stephens (pictured) has been suspended from Mackay Hospital and Health Service after an investigation into hygiene issues

The Medical Board of Australia concluded that the doctor was guilty of professional misconduct after failing to monitor the patient’s pathology results for three months.

The medical authorities concluded that “protecting the public” was not necessary in his case and noted that the urologist had been monitoring for 12 months.

He was fined $30,000 for professional misconduct and $2,000 for failing to disclose that he had lost his accreditation to practice at Peel Health Campus in 2014.

dr. However, Stephens was allowed to continue operating on patients in Queensland due to a shortage of doctors in Mackay, a town about 970km north of Brisbane.

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One of his former patients at Mackay Base Hospital has since revealed that he suffered serious complications just days after being operated on by the medic.

“It’s been a nightmare,” the father-of-two told The Sunday Post.

“It gave me a sexual dysfunction and my penis had to be shortened. The procedure was to repair a bend in the penis caused by calcification.

‘I ended up with the foreskin at the end of the penis. I had a second surgery to correct the problem, but the complications persisted and I chose to pay for the corrective surgery privately.”

The botched surgery took place a year after the Medical Board Tribunal hearing in November 2017.

According to the findings, released in February, Dr. Stephens to continue his work in Queensland.

dr. Stephens was suspended from Mackay Base Hospital (pictured) after an investigation into hygiene issues

In 2016, Dr. Stephens with the treatment of two elderly patients in Western Australia, both of whom would become the subject of a coronary study.

The coroner eventually found his patients, Anna Maria Winter and John Houghton, died of natural causes.

Professor Dickon Hayne, head of urology at Fiona Stanley Hospital, was asked for his opinion on the treatment of Mr Houghton, who had bladder cancer, by Dr. Stephen.

He told the inquest that by performing major hip surgery on Mr Houghton and failing to investigate metastatic bladder cancer, he may have shortened his survival time.

Mrs. Winter, who had vulvar cancer, collapsed after being taken to hospital by taxi instead of an ambulance and had to be resuscitated.

Another expert ruled that she had suffered a spontaneous fracture, with the examination finding that no surgical error had been made.

dr. Stephens, now in his 70s, is described as an experienced urologist with an interest in prostate cancer.

His name first made headlines in 2001, when he became the first surgeon in Australia to be charged with intentional murder in a euthanasia case.

He was accused of giving terminally ill cancer patient Freeda Hayes a lethal dose of drugs that were not included in her treatment plan.

Ms Hayes died in a hospice in Perth in February 2000.

The Director of Public Prosecutions took the case to the Supreme Court, where the jury deliberated for just 10 minutes before ruling that Dr. Stephen wasn’t guilty.

Ms Hayes’ brother and sister were also acquitted after they were charged with assisting the urologist in the alleged murder of their sister.


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