Queenie Tan with a net worth of $450,000 reveals why you need an emergency fund

Queenie revealed exactly how she cut her spending by 50 percent

Queenie Tan revealed exactly how she cut her spending by 50 percent.


The first major way she cut back was with her living expenses.

“Our cost of living is our biggest expense. Pablo and I live in a two bedroom apartment in one of the most expensive cities in the world,” Queenie said in the YouTube video.

Queenie said they bought their apartment two years ago for $500,000, and their mortgage and strata cost them $2,180 a month – which may sound like a lot, but is less than half of what many have to pay to live in Sydney.

‘We have a good deal on our apartment. It’s not in a fancy neighborhood, but the mortgage costs are below average and it’s very convenient for all our needs,” she said.


The couple have been cutting their home bills dramatically lately, with Queenie admitting they’ve gone from an average of $600 a month to $0.

“In February and March, we spent quite a bit of money on household expenses, upgraded our lighting for a total of $900 and bought a new bed. But since then we haven’t made any upgrades to our house or furniture,” she said.

Queenie said she and Pablo “carefully consider” every purchase they make, to make sure they only spend cash where their values ​​are.

‘We always sleep on it before we buy something. We also put a price on items that we know we’ll definitely want to buy for a good price, which I do through OzBargains. We recently saved $400 on a new vacuum cleaner,” she said.


Queenie explained that she and Pablo haven’t been able to save a lot of money on their groceries, especially since their monthly bill is already very cheap.

“We spend an average of $450 a month on groceries for two people, so that’s only $60 a week per person,” she said.

“We cook most of our meals at home, except once a week when we like to eat out or order takeaway.”

She explained that she saves money on groceries by buying most of her items from Aldi, and only a few purchases from Woolworths.