Home Life Style Queen Camilla was “relaxed in any way” about the decision to drop the title “consort” ahead of the coronation as the royal household debated the decision, sources claim.

Queen Camilla was “relaxed in any way” about the decision to drop the title “consort” ahead of the coronation as the royal household debated the decision, sources claim.

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There was disagreement within Buckingham Palace over whether to remove

It has been claimed that Buckingham Palace was somewhat divided over the decision to remove the term “consort” from Queen Camilla’s title.

When the monarch, 75, formally ascended the throne at last year’s coronation, behind-the-scenes discussions took place over the title of the queen, as she was then known as queen consort.

Camilla, 76, has been known as ‘Queen’ for about a year, after her title was informally changed in media reports and among royal watchers.

However, when invitations were issued for the Coronation at Westminster Abbey, they formally accepted the new title of Camilla; ‘Queen’.

Now, The times reports that there were different opinions within the Palace about whether or not Camilla’s title should be changed, but that the Queen herself was fairly calm about the decision.

There was disagreement within Buckingham Palace over whether and when to remove “consort” from Queen Camilla’s title in the run-up to the coronation, sources have claimed.

A source revealed: “There was never a set timeline as to when or if this would happen and there were certainly differing views among courtiers within the house.”

“Above all, the Queen was relaxed both ways and felt that everything would happen organically.”

The report suggests that, as the Coronation approached, those within the family who wanted to stop calling him “consort” believed the time was right; However, on the contrary, some were concerned that the public had recently become accustomed to knowing Camilla as Queen Consort rather than the Duchess of Cornwall, and were more cautious about the decision.

The Times reported that Camilla was

The Times reported that Camilla was “relaxed in any way” about a possible title change, according to sources.

For many years, it was believed that Camilla would hold the title “Princess” when King Charles ascended the throne.

However, in 2022, months before Queen Elizabeth passed away, she issued a public statement sharing her wish for Camilla to be known as ‘Queen Consort’.

The statement, issued by Buckingham Palace, said: “When the time comes, my son Charles becomes king, I know that you will give him and his wife, Camilla, the same support that you have given me; and it is my sincerest wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service.’

When King Charles ascended the throne in September 2022, Camilla also became queen consort. However, sources told The Times that, as time went on and people appeared to informally remove “consort” from Camilla’s title, this informed the decision to formally remove it.

The title of Queen has perhaps been more crucial than ever in recent months, as King Charles took time off from his public duties to undergo cancer treatment.

As well as continuing to work on her cherished causes, such as ending domestic violence, Camilla has represented the royal family at key events.

In February, the Queen led the family to a tribute at St George’s Chapel to King Constantine II of Greece. She also stood in for the King at the Holy Thursday Service.

Speaking to GB News earlier this year, Paul Burrell said the monarch’s wife is the family’s “guiding force”, as well as being the one behind Charles’ candor about his health.

“I think she’s the stabilizer,” he told the outlet. “I think she has that touch. I think she is able to reach people in a way that the King cannot and I think she has taught him a lot over the years about the monarchy and how to be King.

“Isn’t it really strange that she rises through the ranks and is so supportive and such a stabilizing influence on our Royal Family today?”

Last month, it was also reported that Camilla is “proud” to take on more duties in a diary packed with royal events while Charles and the Princess of Wales receive their cancer treatment.

The Queen is “resilient” and will do whatever is asked of her to help the Royal Family, her aides told The Telegraph, as Camilla had completed one of her biggest trips without her husband, visiting Belfast in Northern Ireland. for a series of engagements that had been agreed before the King was diagnosed with cancer.

The source added that she was “juggling” her priorities because she wants to support Charles as much as she can, while still fulfilling her duties.

The fact that the Royal Family is sending Camilla to Belfast alone reveals that they are placing a lot of trust in her, as Northern Ireland is an incredibly sensitive place for the monarchy to visit.

Her Majesty’s presence has been a mainstay for the firm, which has been plagued by health problems while Charles and Kate are receiving cancer treatment.

FEMAIL has contacted Buckingham Palace for comment.

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