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Quebec dad carries his toddler like a shopping bag, sparking debate over abuse


Dad charged with ‘child abuse’ after a video of him carrying his daughter raised concerns – but others claim it’s ‘fun and relatable’

  • Toddler refused to get up
  • Dad carried her like a shopping bag

A father has been charged with ‘child abuse’ after a clip surfaced of him carrying his toddler by the jacket.

The clip of the fed up dad shows him picking up his two-year-old daughter and carrying her like a shopping bag when she refuses to get up.

It has sparked heated debate, with many saying it’s “hilarious and relatable,” while others have argued it’s “child abuse.”

“I just hate it..one has to respect their children’s emotions and feelings..such an affectionate act,” said one mother.

While another sided with the father, saying “kids are spoiled,” he even suggested he leave the youngster in the driveway to think things over.

He carries her by her coat and drags her into the house like one of the shopping bags

The controversial clip shows the father unloading bags from the car in the driveway after returning from picking up his child from kindergarten.

But his young daughter is on the floor after throwing a tantrum and refuses to get up.

Instead of trying to persuade the child to enter the house, the unamused father does not leave a moment unmoved and grabs the girl’s jacket and lifts her up like one of the shopping bags.

The little girl makes no protest as she dangles in the air as she is carried into the house

The little girl makes no protest as she dangles in the air as she is carried into the house

She can dangle in the air as her father marches her into the house.

The little girl doesn’t protest and her mother, filming from their home, can be heard chuckling at the bizarre spectacle.

The clip, which was filmed in Quebec, Canada in 2018, has recently resurfaced online and sparked a furious debate.

While many say it’s “sweet, relatable and funny,” others have said they “don’t find it funny at all,” with some even accusing the father of child abuse.

‘Well done, Dad! The patience and tolerance he must have had!’ one person wrote.

“That’s the ‘I’m done with this s***, let’s go’ movement,” another added.

Others joked that it looked “so comfortable” they wanted to do it, while some said anyone with toddlers could relate to it.


Was the father right to carry the toddler like this?

  • Yes 2602 votes
  • No 77 votes

Others, however, were less supportive.

‘I would leave the child there. Kids are spoiled these days,” said one.

“Omg I can’t believe he would do that, that’s child abuse,” said another.

At the time it was filmed, the girl’s mother said her daughter always does funny things that make them laugh.

She said, “I shot this video from my friend’s house and our daughter Juliette.

“He came back from work and she from kindergarten. She is a little girl who likes to laugh and make other people laugh.

“What’s even funnier is that she’s over four feet tall and weighs over 100 pounds and the jacket hasn’t broken. She often does things like this and this is exactly how we love her.’

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