Qualcomm & # 039; ready with your smartphone for a world without a headphone connection

<pre><pre>Qualcomm & # 039; ready with your smartphone for a world without a headphone connection

Qualcomm has announced a new version of its aptX audio platform at IFA 2018, which wants to deliver the same performance and quality of a wired audio connection.

The headphone jack is dying out because the rise of wireless is continuing its advance on our devices – Qualcomm says the wired connection goes away – but there may be good news for audiophiles who worry about a poorer wireless audio experience.

AptX Adaptive is the latest version of the company's wireless sound technology and Qualcomm claims it offers a robust, hi-res and virtually glitch-free listening experience.

However, it is not just aimed at playing music, since aptX Adaptive is tuned to improve the audio response for gaming and movies.

The current Bluetooth does not solve problems with latency – which is problematic when gaming or watching video – and it is a problem that you do not get with a wired connection.

What the Adaptive upgrade offers is a wire-like low latency experience that Qualcomm hopes will encourage more users to demolish the wire and adopt a wireless headset.

Adapts dynamically

AptX Adaptive adjusts the wireless audio performance dynamically, depending on the content you use – whether it is music, video or a game – allowing you to manually adjust the equation from the equation.

Qualcomm tells us that aptX Adaptive will be available "on a Snapdragon chip that will be called in the future", which we expect to be the Snapdragon 855 launched in early December.

This means that the first smartphones with this new Bluetooth audio technology will probably not arrive until mid-2019.