Fans were shown footage of Mesut Ozil during Germany's World Cup clash against Spain on Sunday.

Fans in Qatar accuse Germany of HYPOCRISY during Spain’s game after they covered their mouths in an anti-discrimination protest, displaying photos of Mesut Ozil, who lashed out at racism in the German FA when he retired from international duty in 2018.

  • The players of Germany made this Wednesday a gesture against discrimination
  • They covered their mouths in unison before suffering a 2-1 loss to Japan
  • Fans showed footage of Mesut Ozil during Germany’s crucial clash with Spain
  • Ozil withdrew from the national team in 2018, accusing the German Federation of racism
  • The midfielder claimed that he was used as a scapegoat due to his Turkish roots.

A group of fans displayed photos of Mesut Ozil during Germany’s crucial World Cup clash against Spain on Sunday, in a bid to highlight perceived hypocrisy after the team’s anti-discrimination protest against Japan.

Ahead of their historic 2-1 loss to Japan on Wednesday, Hansi Flick’s team covered their mouths in protest of FIFA’s decision to ban the inclusion-promoting OneLove captain’s armband.

World soccer’s governing body threatened sanctions against captains if they wore the garment, which was designed in part to act as a symbol against anti-LGBTQ laws in Qatar.

Fans were shown footage of Mesut Ozil during Germany’s World Cup clash against Spain on Sunday.

They Were Retained To Challenge Germany After Their Anti-Discrimination Gesture On Wednesday

They were retained to challenge Germany after their anti-discrimination gesture on Wednesday

Germany decided not to make a similar gesture before Sunday’s clash with Spain.

During the match, fans in the stadium were seen holding photographs of former German midfielder Ozil, who sensationally retired from international football in 2018 after fighting racism within the German Football Federation.

Claiming he was used as a scapegoat after Germany’s group stage elimination at the Russian World Cup, Ozil insisted he had become an “unwanted” part of the national team, with a “feeling of racism and disrespect.”

Germany Players Covered Their Mouths In Protest Ahead Of Their 2-1 Defeat Against Japan

Germany players covered their mouths in protest ahead of their 2-1 defeat against Japan

But The Players Decided Not To Make The Same Gesture Before The Kick-Off Against Spain.

But the players decided not to make the same gesture before the kick-off against Spain.

In a statement posted on Twitter, he accused German officials of “disrespecting” his Turkish roots and “selfishly turning it into political propaganda” when the country lost matches.

Ozil closed his statement by stating that “racism should never, ever be accepted.”

In a clear allusion to the Özil retirement saga, fans highlighted the hypocrisy of Germany’s anti-discrimination gesture on Wednesday, with a player leaving the national team as a result of racism just four years ago.

Ozil Lashed Out At Racism Within The German Fa When He Retired From International Football In 2018

Ozil lashed out at racism within the German FA when he retired from international football in 2018

Mesut Ozil’s full statement in 2018

The treatment I have received from the DFB (German Football Association) and many others means that I no longer want to wear the jersey of the German team.

I feel unwanted and I think that what I have achieved since my international debut in 2009 has been forgotten.

I will no longer play for Germany at international level while I have this feeling of racism and disrespect. I used to wear the German jersey with such pride and emotion, but not anymore.

When high-ranking DFB officials treat me the way they did, disrespect my Turkish roots and selfishly turn me into political propaganda, then enough is enough.

This is not why I play football, and I will not sit back and do nothing about it. Racism should never, ever be accepted.