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Putin’s puppet Lukashenko says there is a risk of ‘nuclear war’


Putin’s puppet Lukashenko says there is a risk of ‘nuclear war’ and says Russia’s nuclear weapons in his country are ‘protection, not blackmail’ because ‘the West is planning to invade Belarus’

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko warned today that a “nuclear war” is “looming” over NATO’s support for Ukraine as he insisted that Russia’s nuclear weapons in Belarus “protect” the country from the West.

The dictator, a staunch ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed – without providing any evidence – that the West plans to invade Belarus to “destroy” it.

Lukashenko said the West’s decision to send tanks, missiles and artillery into Ukraine meant the world was closer than ever to a nuclear catastrophe.

“As a result of the efforts of the United States and its satellites, a large-scale war broke out in Ukraine,” an angry Lukashenko said in a televised speech. “A third world war with nuclear fire looms.”

Lukashenko, who allowed Putin to use his country as a launching pad for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine a year ago, insisted that Russia’s plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus was an opportunity to “protect” his country from Western threats.

In a scheduled address to the nation, Lukashenko said the West was building up its military forces in Poland, on the border of Belarus, and planning to invade and destroy it.

The tyrant warned Kiev against launching a counterattack against the invading Russian forces, insisting that it would make negotiations between Moscow and Kiev impossible.

The dictator, a staunch ally of Vladimir Putin has claimed – without providing any evidence – that the West plans to invade Belarus to “destroy” it.

Lukashenko’s rant came just days after he warned the UK that it would “witness a frightening response” that would be “a lesson for the whole planet” if Britain sent depleted uranium tank munitions to Ukraine.

The dictator said last week that Russia would respond to Britain’s decision to supply Ukrainian forces with munitions containing depleted uranium by sending Belarus weapons containing “real uranium” – used in nuclear weapons – in a grim threat.

We need to undo this madness. As soon as this ammunition explodes on the positions of the Russian forces, Lukashenko said last week, you will see a frightening reaction, and it will be a lesson for the entire planet.

Lukashenko said in a thinly veiled threat about an imminent nuclear war: “Russia has not limited itself to depleted uranium.” “We have to reduce this tendency towards escalation in the conflict and move towards a peaceful settlement.”

Lukashenko has remained a key ally of Putin throughout the war. Russian forces used Belarus as a launching pad for their attack on the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, in February 2022, and there has been Russian and Belarusian military activity in the country since then.

Lukashenko owes allegiance to Putin after the Russian autocrat backed the embattled Belarusian leader when protests nearly drove him from power under his repressive regime without fair and free elections.

Lukashenko, accused of human rights abuses over his crackdown on the press, has continued to participate in joint military exercises with Russia.

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