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Putin: We will not create a military alliance with China


In light of the intensification of global tension between Russia and the West due to the military operation in Ukraine and the recent rapprochement with China, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that his country is not establishing a military alliance with Beijing.

The master of the Kremlin stressed that Russia does not threaten any country, during his response to the channel “Russia-24” to a question about whether cooperation between Moscow and Beijing is a threat to the West.

We have no secrets!

Putin added, “No, these allegations absolutely do not correspond to reality.”

He also added that Russia does not form any military alliance with China, but rather has cooperation in the military and technical field.

He pointed out that his country follows the approach of transparency, explaining that it has no secrets.

Chinese proposal to end the conflict in Ukraine

The Russian president’s words come in response to concerns raised by Western countries about the recent developments in relations between China and Russia.

For quite some time now, relations between the two countries have been converging on a number of files.

Although Beijing did not explicitly support Moscow’s military campaign against its western neighbor, Ukraine, it did not criticize the Kremlin in any way, but more than once held NATO responsible for provoking Russia.

strategic partnership

It is noteworthy that Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a strategic partnership in Moscow a few days ago, aimed at countering US influence, and said that there would be no “prohibited” areas of cooperation.

What does China benefit from Russia’s support?

This Sino-Russian rapprochement comes at a time of escalating tension between Washington and Moscow on the one hand, and Beijing on the other.

The war waged by Russia against Ukraine prompted Washington to impose thousands of sanctions on Moscow, prompting the latter to move further towards the Chinese embrace.

In turn, Beijing previously criticized what it described as unilateralism, calling for a new international order based on dialogue and cooperation, in criticism of US policy.

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