Putin ‘to strip passports of citizens who criticise Russia’s war with Ukraine’

Russian President Vladimir Putin will “strip passports of civilians criticizing Russia’s war with Ukraine” just days after the humiliating withdrawal of his troops from Kherson.

In March, the Russian parliament passed laws criminalizing protesting the conflict in Ukraine and “discrediting” the Russian military. Those who disobeyed were told they could face up to 15 years in prison.

And now Putin is reportedly proposing amendments to a bill targeting non-birth citizens who obtained Russian passports during the occupation of the main southern city by Moscow forces.

Many Ukrainians were forced or had no choice to change nationality because of Russian threats Kyiv Independent reports.

The actions that will be considered a crime include “discrediting the Russian military,” “spreading fake news” and “participating in the activities of an undesirable organization,” Russian independent media outlet Meduza reported, citing a Kremlin statement. managed news agency.

The amendments have been proposed to a bill that has so far only been adopted at first reading.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (Pictured) Reportedly Wants To Amend A Bill That Would Allow The Kremlin To Take Passports From Civilians Criticizing The War In Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin (pictured) reportedly wants to amend a bill that would allow the Kremlin to take passports from civilians criticizing the war in Ukraine

Putin Is Believed To Be Eager To Implement The Changes Following The Humiliating Withdrawal Of His Troops From The Important City Of Kherson. Pictured: Ukrainians Celebrate Yesterday In Odessa

Putin is believed to be eager to implement the changes following the humiliating withdrawal of his troops from the important city of Kherson. Pictured: Ukrainians celebrate yesterday in Odessa

The Southern City Was The Only Regional Capital The Kremlin Forces Had Captured Since Putin'S Invasion Began In February. Pictured: Ukrainians Celebrate In Independence Square, Kiev

The southern city was the only regional capital the Kremlin forces had captured since Putin’s invasion began in February. Pictured: Ukrainians celebrate in Independence Square, Kiev

The possible enforcement comes two days after Kherson’s embarrassing loss to Russia after Kiev forces recaptured the city.

The southern city was the only regional capital the Kremlin forces had captured since Putin’s invasion began in February.

In what appeared to be a final retaliation, Moscow forces blew up the Nova Kakhovka dam as they retreated across the Dnipro River, and reportedly destroyed Antonovsky Bridge, the other major river crossing in the Kherson region. . .

It is unknown whether the destruction was carried out in revenge for having to withdraw or a tactical move to prevent Ukrainian troops from rushing after Russian forces – Putin has yet to publicly comment on the action.

A Ukrainian official described the situation in Kherson as “a humanitarian disaster”.

‘I don’t understand what kind of people these are. I don’t know why they did it,” resident Yevhen Teliezhenko said, draped in a Ukrainian flag.

Ukrainian Troops Welcomed Heroes As They Returned To Celebrations In The Reclaimed City Of Kherson

Ukrainian troops welcomed heroes as they returned to celebrations in the reclaimed city of Kherson

On A Public Holiday In The City Of Kherson . Kiev Troops Were Even Seen Signing Autographs On Ukrainian Flags

On a public holiday in the city of Kherson . Kiev troops were even seen signing autographs on Ukrainian flags

Ukrainian Troops In Kherson

Ukrainian Troops In Kherson

Kherson was the first major city to fall into the hands of the Russian troops and the only regional capital they took – occupied for eight months before being liberated

Still, he added, “it got easier to breathe” once the Russians were gone.

“There is no better holiday than what is happening now,” he declared.

Ukrainian troops were greeted last week by cheering civilians who cheered and waved flags as they arrived in Kherson.

It marked an end to the brutal Russian occupation that had been going on since February, with telephone and internet connections restored, allowing people to call concerned relatives outside the city for the first time in months.

Russian flags were taken down outside administrative buildings and replaced with Ukraine’s yellow and blue, with videos showing tearful civilians thanking soldiers.

Flag-waving locals wept, chanted the name of the Ukrainian armed forces, hugged and kissed the troops as they arrived in the city’s main square.

Last night, a defiant Volodymyr Zelensky spoke that his troops were already working to clear the area and deal with the dangers left by the Russians.

He said: “As of tonight, the defense fortresses have established control in more than 60 settlements in the Kherson region, the police have started stabilization measures. Stabilization measures are also underway in Kherson.

‘Our explosives experts have a lot of work all over the liberated area. Nearly 2,000 explosives have already been removed, mines, tripwire, unexploded ordnance.

The Amendments Proposed By Putin Related To A Bill That Has So Far Only Been Passed At First Reading

The amendments proposed by Putin related to a bill that has so far only been passed at first reading

Before fleeing Kherson, the occupiers destroyed critical infrastructure, communications, water supply, heat and electricity. Russian troops everywhere have the same goal – maximum mockery of people. But we’ll fix everything, trust me.’

He added that fierce fighting continues in the Donetsk region, but vowed that his forces would not stop until the entire Ukrainian territory is recaptured.

“Although it takes time, but everyone already understands that the result will be ours, the Ukrainian,” he said.

And these are above all words of gratitude to those who endured Russian attacks in the Donetsk region – it is just hell there. There is extremely fierce fighting every day. But our units defend valiantly, resist the terrible pressure of the occupiers, maintain our defenses. This is very important.

“The strong defenses there, in the Donetsk region, allow us to conduct offensive operations in other directions. I thank all our soldiers who defend Ukraine in these very heavy battles.

Today we all feel delighted together. I don’t know if anyone here has not seen the video of our Kherson residents greeting Ukrainian. Months of Russian occupation, months of mockery of our people, months of stories that Russia is supposedly there forever. And still there is a sea of ​​Ukrainian flags on the street.

“People didn’t even think about giving up Ukraine. And the world sees it now. It sees what it means when Ukrainians meet theirs. It sees what the unity of Ukrainians means. And they see why we must liberate our entire country from the occupiers.

“It will be the same in Henichesk and Melitopol. We will come to all our towns and villages of Donbas. We will certainly see how Ukrainian troops in Crimea will be confronted with Ukrainian flags kept there, which will be on the streets by the hundreds on the day of liberation.”

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