Putin threatens to reduce oil production in protest at the price cap

According to the Russian president, future prisoner exchanges with America are possible. Russia’s hypersonic weapons could defend it if attacked.

Russia won’t sell oil to any country that has placed a price cap on oil exports or is considering cutting its oil production.

The Group of Seven (European Union, Australia) imposed a $60/barrel price cap on Russian oil Monday in an attempt to reduce Moscow’s financial ability to finance the war in Ukraine.

Putin stated Friday that he had already stated that he would not sell to countries that make such decisions at a press conference following a regional summit in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

“We will consider a possible production cut if necessary,” he added, calling the price cap a “stupid decision” that is “damaging global energy markets.”

During the press conference, Putin also spoke on a number of other topics. Here’s a summary.

  • “Who is Yashin?” Responding to a reporter’s question, the Russian leader inquired. Ilya Yashin (39) was sentenced just hours earlier to eight and a quarter years for spreading false information. Yashin was accused after Yashin discussed evidence of Russian atrocities in Bucha, Ukraine, north of Kiev. This cast doubt on the Kremlin’s claim that such reports were fabricated to provoke Russia. Putin stated that it was wrong to question a court’s decision.
  • Putin claimed that additional prisoner exchanges between Russia, the United States, and other countries are possible. He also stated that the intelligence agencies of both countries will continue to communicate with each other. He The comment was made a day after Brittney Griner, a basketball star in America, was traded for Viktor Bout. “The contacts continue. Putin stated that they have not stopped in fact. “… We will continue this work in future.” Russia continues to detain Paul Whelan – a former US Marine who has been convicted of spying in 2020 in a case that US diplomats call unfair and opaque.
  • Putin stated that Russia does not have the mandate to launch a preemptive nuke strike like the US. However, Russia’s advanced hypersonic weaponry would allow it to respond forcefully if ever attacked.
  • Russian leader admits to having difficulties procuring equipment and clothing to support the hundreds of thousands of troops that Moscow has sent to fight in Ukraine in recent weeks. He Some problems with supplying 300,000 men who were called up in September and October for mobilization were now under control.
  • Putin claimed he was “disappointed” by comments made by Angela Merkel, former German chancellor. Merkel told a German magazine that peace agreements aimed at ending conflict in eastern Ukraine which began in 2014 were an attempt to “make Ukraine give” time to build up. His defense. After the Russian annexation in 2014 of Crimea, Russian-backed separatists seized parts of eastern Ukraine. The peace agreements were never fully executed.
  • Putin said Russia will likely have negotiations on Ukraine’s future, but that he felt betrayed after the failure to reach an agreement in Minsk. Putin said that France and Germany had betrayed Russia through their mediation and are now flooding Kiev in weapons.

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