Putin 'has misplaced 160 generals and colonels amongst 1,500 officers', Ukrainian navy official claims

Vladimir Putin has lost more than 160 generals and colonels among a total of 1,500 officers in the midst of his war in Ukraine, according to a new tally.

A Telegram channel operated by Colonel Anatoly ‘Stirlitz’ Stefan of the Ukrainian armed forces has compiled reports of Russian military deaths and compiled a list of some of Putin’s most high-profile losses.

Stirlitz claims that the warmongering Russian president has lost 10 generals and a total of 152 colonels and lieutenant colonels since his tanks entered Ukrainian territory on February 24.

204 majors, 294 captains, 496 major lieutenants, 258 lieutenants and 86 other officers whose rank could not be verified disappeared.

This comes as new figures released today by the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces state that 87,900 Russian servicemen have been killed in the conflict, while a The Pentagon estimate earlier this month said more than 100,000 Russian servicemen had been killed or wounded.

Ukrainian tankers are seen on the front line of Bakhmut, Donetsk, Ukraine on November 27, 2022

A Bm-21 'Grad' Multiple Rocket Launcher Fires Towards Russian Frontline Positions Near Bakhmut, Donetsk Region, On November 27, 2022, Amid The Russian Invasion Of Ukraine.

A BM-21 ‘Grad’ multiple rocket launcher fires towards Russian frontline positions near Bakhmut, Donetsk region, on November 27, 2022, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Shown Is The Grave Of Russian Lieutenant Colonel Grigory Tarasenko, Who Was Assassinated In Ukraine.

Shown is the grave of Russian Lieutenant Colonel Grigory Tarasenko, who was assassinated in Ukraine.

The unusually high number of losses of senior Russian military officers in Ukraine stems from an apparent refusal to delegate responsibilities to junior commanders.

Many generals and colonels are unwilling to decentralize command (symptom of the Russian regime as a whole) and have therefore been more vulnerable to attack when they themselves organize their troops close to the front lines.

Russian Telegram channel General SVR said today that the total “irrecoverable military and operational losses of manpower” in Putin’s regular forces amounts to 90,138.

The death toll of operators of private military companies such as the Wagner Group, which has recruited tens of thousands of released prisoners to fight in Russian jails, was estimated at 26,917.

Meanwhile, the Russian national guard has lost 5,521 men, according to the outlet.

Russia does not disclose the scale of its losses or produce updated estimates.

As such, the extent of Russian losses in Ukraine is hidden from the public, but critics accuse Putin of using the lower ranks as “cannon fodder” against the better-armed Ukrainian forces that are well-supplied thanks to military aid shipments. western.

The latest figures on Russian losses come as mothers and wives of servicemen killed on the front lines expressed outrage that Putin staged a ‘fake’ meeting last week.

Major General Andrey Sukhovetsky Died In Ukraine.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Bobrov Died In Ukraine

These are just some of the generals and colonels believed to have died commanding their units in Ukraine.

Instead of meeting with genuinely grieved and angry parents and relatives of the dead, the Kremlin chief held a meeting with a group of female officers and loyalists posing as military mothers.

Olga Tsukanova, 46, who heads a Council of Mothers and Wives calling for an end to Russian mobilization, taunted Putin: “Are you a man or what?

‘Are you going to keep hiding from us?’ asked Tsukanova, whose 20-year-old son went missing after being mobilized and sent to the front.

Russia this week will enforce new laws that work to muzzle critics of the war, including relatives of the dead.

In a new statement, the Wives and Mothers Council said: ‘How can you stop people from telling the truth about the needless deaths of thousands of recruits that are taking place?

‘How can mothers be prohibited from learning about the fate of their children, in order to protect them?

‘How can our people be forbidden to speak in favor of peace and against wars?

‘The victorious people are killed with a gag in their mouths.’

Vladimir Putin Claimed To Have Held A Meeting With The Mothers Of Soldiers Killed In Ukraine, But The Women Turned Out To Be Russian Officials And Kremlin Loyalists.

Vladimir Putin claimed to have held a meeting with the mothers of soldiers killed in Ukraine, but the women turned out to be Russian officials and Kremlin loyalists.

Olga Tsukanova, 46, The Mother Of A Missing Conscript And Founder Of A New Council Of Mothers And Wives, Demanded Answers From The Kremlin About Russia'S War In Ukraine.

Olga Tsukanova, 46, the mother of a missing conscript and founder of a new Council of Mothers and Wives, demanded answers from the Kremlin about Russia’s war in Ukraine.

When the new law comes into force, critics will be vulnerable to legal action for ‘discrediting’ the Russian military.

The mothers replied: ‘The army is not discredited by someone’s words, but by actions on the battlefield.

‘For the mobilization of people with a serious state of health without a medical examination, for the sudden abandonment of cities and towns with a large number of state-of-the-art weapons as a trophy for the enemy, for the inability to carry out the same mobilization no violations, inability to tell people the truth, and just his lack of respect for ordinary people.

‘This whole situation shows that the officials will not investigate any of the facts cited by the mothers, but will continue to silence the denouncers.

‘A law has already been passed that will make it impossible to just open your mouth on the issue of illegality in the army… until it comes into force, the Council of Mothers publishes a list of the most flagrant violations of mobilization, conscription, service and the use of personnel in a special operation.

Our people need this breath of truth.

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