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Push Your Customer Base Towards Your Product with Web Push Notifications

Businesses always try to impress their customers. They try different strategies to sustain the old customers while alluring the new ones. Having a good customer base is the dream of every business. Regular customers are considered a boon. They keep on the regular sales. In traditional ways, shopkeepers give a discount to their customers. This discount compels the customer to visit the shop frequently. The modern way of establishing a solid customer base is using Web Push Notifications. It helps in building a good rapport between the brand and the customer. 

What is Web Push Notification?

It is an action-oriented message sent to the visitor’s device from a website or an application. It is a short message from the brands to the customers. The message can be of new arrivals or discounts. It can be the announcement of any upcoming festive sales. It has a desired visual appeal.

Visual Features

The mobile push notifications have the following visual features:

  • Title 
  • Icon
  • Description
  • URL
  • Banner 
  • Call to Action Button

The title can be the announcement made by the brand. The icon is a graphic representation of the logo of the company. The description explains the message given by the brand. It tells about sales or discounts. The banner is the picture part of the message. It may have graphics or illustrations. Call to Action compels the user to make a call. It means it may compel the user to make an order instantly. 

The notifications can be text only too. But a web push notification must possess a graphic or picture-oriented message. Everyone knows picture speaks volumes than texts. Visual appeal drives the new or existing customers to make a call to action.

How do they benefit the Brands?

They help to penetrate the minds of the customers. One pop-up message will appear on the visitor’s interface. This message asks for allowing or disallowing notifications. If the customer allows, notifications will reach him through emails and messages. If not, he may not be aware of the new brand development. 

Nowadays, customized notifications are available. For each user, a selective prompting message is sent. The pop-ups help to increase the chance of engagement with the user. 

Push Ninja 

This interface has an elaborate procedure for developing push notifications. Setting up the notification feature is user-friendly. The brands can use them effectively. Push Ninja facilitates site traffic positively. It also contributes to customer engagement. This increases sales and profit. 

There are various fascinating graphics and templates to prompt visitors. The editable texts can be changed at different times of the year. 


It is an essential aspect of digital marketing. By using a content calendar, specific dates are decided. One can prepare a post for New Year. The exciting offers are on the banner and description. After reading them, the visitors are expected to go for a specific call to action. Sending notifications at the correct instance will help to develop trust among the customers and brand. They are optimized according to the big and small screens. It is a must-have application to retain customers.