PSA: You only have a few weeks left to upload unlimited photos to Google Photos for free


Google Photos’ free, unlimited storage will disappear on June 1 – meaning you’ll only have a few weeks left to upload all of your photos and videos before the company’s new 15 GB limit takes effect.

As the company previously announced last fall, Google Photos’ beloved policy to allow users to back up an unlimited number of “ high-quality ” photos and videos will expire next month and will be replaced with a 15 GB limit. before customers have to pay for more. storage area.

But anyone can start over from June 1 with that 15 GB (minus what you’re already using with your Gmail and Google Drive accounts, which can be a lot for some users): anything you uploaded beforehand won’t count towards that cap, which means if you have a bunch of photos on your camera or hard drive, now is a good time to upload them.

There are a few catches, of course: the unlimited storage still only applies to ‘high-quality’ photos, which are compressed to 16 megapixel photos. Anything uploaded at the ‘original quality’ counts towards your storage limit, although it has been for years unless you’re a Pixel owner, so that’s not much of a change.

Likewise, current Pixel owners – who, under current policies, will get unlimited original quality images before being downgraded to unlimited ‘high quality’ images on June 1 – would take the rest of May to upload any images they haven’t yet. previously on Google Photos have put the lower quality limit into effect. (Google has already confirmed this The edge that future Pixel phones won’t get the same benefits, unfortunately.)

Of course, you can always pay more for Google’s storage as soon as June 1 arrives (prices start at $ 2 per month for an additional 100 GB). But why not make the most of Google’s free space now before the deadline approaches?