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PSA: Streamers may want to turn off music in Bayonetta 3 before playing

Bayonetta 3 launching today, and streamers may need to tweak some settings before eager to dig their 7-inch gun barrels into the game, as one of the songs could slap you with a copyright strike.

One of the predominant themes of the bayonetta series was that there’s always a pop-y remix of a classic song that accompanied our bundled busty naughty bitch Bayonetta as she stomped to death demons, angels, and now scientific horrors. The original bayonetta

is characterized “Fly me to the moon,” and Bayonetta 2the theme was “Moon River.” Bayonetta 3 keeps the tradition of remixing the golden oldies with “serenade by moonlight”, and that’s where content creators can get in a bit of trouble.

In the review embargo for the game, Nintendo explained that, due to the copyright of “Moonlight Serenade”, “any footage containing the song may be subject to copyright claims.” The edge

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continued with the question whether Bayonetta 3 had a streamer mode that might alleviate the problem, but haven’t received a response yet. In my review copy of the game, I didn’t notice an option for a streamer mode – just toggles for music and sound volume.

As regards bayonetta, the theme song is usually played before each battle, which would have made for a less-than-ideal streaming experience if you’re concerned about muted audio or a YouTube copyright violation warning. However, because of Bayonetta 3‘s funky timey-wimey plot, the song doesn’t come up too much in the second half of the game. Still, streamers or anyone else planning something Bayonetta 3

content, you may want to turn down the music volume just in case.

Bayonetta 3 is out now on Nintendo Switch.


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