PSA: Don’t drive while in a Zoom meeting talking about a distracting driving bill


Who among us didn’t try to hide the background of our home offices during a Zoom call for work during the pandemic – lest we reveal a cluttered bedroom, RoomRater?

For Republican State Senator Andrew Brenner of Ohio, the green screen betrayed him during a video call this week, revealing that he was driving a car, even though his background image was showed what looked like a home office. That wouldn’t have been a big deal, except that Brenner was at a meeting of the Ohio Controlling Board that included discussing a bill to curb distracted driving.

You could say that a video call while driving can be quite a distraction.

Brenner told it Columbus shipping he was parked for most of the video call, was not distracted, and listened to the meeting. He also noted that he was wearing his seat belt and paying attention to the road while driving. But like Gizmodo points outThroughout the video, Brenner turns his camera on and off, constantly adjusting the background as if unhappy with the way it looks.

below Ohio House Bill 283, writing, texting, watching videos, taking photos, live streaming and using apps would all be prohibited. Hands-free and voice-activated device is allowed, with an emergency exception.

Brenner at least complied Ohio’s Seat Belt Act. Maybe he should save it for the next meeting in the park.