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PS5 system update with Discord support is available now

The latest PlayStation 5 system software update is now available to all userswith integrated Discord voice chat and additional support for 1440p screens.

Announced in early February, the update also includes some quality of life improvements to the PS5’s social and sharing features. Version 7 of the PS5 software is available for all consoles worldwide.

Allows players to:

Join Discord voice chats from the PS5 console, which is especially useful for multi-platform games. Players must have their Discord and PlayStation Network accounts (from PlayStation.com, the console, or the Discord app), even if they’ve linked it in the past. This gives Discord the new permissions needed for PS5 voice chat.

Enjoy better visual performance on 1440p displays, thanks to variable refresh rate (VRR) support. VRR lets the monitor sync its refresh rate to the console’s frame rate; 1440p VRR monitors are a popular setup for PC gamers, so this helps those whose PS5 is on a desktop next to their rig.

Use voice commands to capture video clips of gameplay. This feature is only available to users in the US and UK. They can say, “Hey PlayStation, capture that,” and the console will save a clip whose length is determined by the user’s current setting.

Players can also instruct the console to save a clip from 15 seconds to 60 minutes by saying, “Hey PlayStation, capture the last (X) minutes (or seconds).” Voice commands must be enabled from the system menu; they use a headset microphone, the microphone in a DualSense controller, or a microphone from a PlayStation camera.

Wednesday morning’s PlayStation Blog post has a lot more about the new features in the software update – including updating the DualSense controller wirelessly. No more trying to find the right USB cable from a tangle of cables in your desk drawer!