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PS Plus subscribers were shocked by the size of one of this month’s free games.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Last week, Sony revealed the free PS Plus games for the current month of June, which will include 3 titles on PS5 and PS4. But it seems that one of these titles will not be one of the options that some or perhaps most subscribers to the service will play due to the huge size.

If you have the game NBA 2K23 installed on your PS5, you must know by now that this game occupies 143 GB of SSD disk space on the device. Of course, this number is for the basic version of the game without the updates that it got throughout the last period.

Some players were able to check the game files after installing all the updates, as they amounted to 173 GB until the moment of writing this news. This means that if you want to download the NBA 2K23 game for the first time through the PS Plus library, you will need to free up approximately 200 GB in order to ensure that you download and install the game on your PS5 device.

This space is about 25% of the internal PS5 disc space, which is necessary to run the game, as you will not be able to run it if you want to install it on an attached disc.

Of course, this makes the game one of the largest games of the new generation after Call of Duty, but the question remains here, what is the reason for the game occupying all this size?

Perhaps the reason is in the game engine and the developer’s failure to exploit the file compression mechanisms provided by the new generation devices.

PS Plus games for June 2023

  • NBA 2K23
  • Jurassic World Evolution 2
  • Trek to Yomi

In any case, if you are a fan of this type of game and have a subscription to the PS Plus service, you will have the opportunity to get the game for free next Tuesday. But there are two barriers in front of you that may be annoying to many of us. First, the speed of the Internet so that it does not take long to download all this volume. Secondly, the space, especially since the SSD disk space on the PS5 is not large, but it is necessary to run new generation games.

The community of players on the platform Reddit They are already starting to express their shock at how much the game has dampened their enthusiasm after they get the chance to try it out for free. While they are asking 2K to update the game to reduce the size through file compression techniques, we don’t think this will happen anytime soon.

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