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PS Plus subscribers face the nightmare of logging out of games every 15 minutes.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Some PS Plus subscribers are facing an infuriating problem while trying out the games they got through the service. This problem lies in the game licenses that expire every 15 minutes and cause the player to exit to the PlayStation 5 main screen.

The problem begins during the game, where a message appears to the user through the system alerts of the device, the message warns the player that the game PS4, PS5 will expire within 15 minutes. Where the player is removed after 15 minutes of this message appearing on the main screen of the device.

The good thing is that the game is not closed, but remains running in the background while you can quickly return to it by pressing twice on the main button on the console.

The annoying thing is that the player is forced to leave the game every 15 minutes, which is 4 times every hour. This in itself is very annoying, especially if you are playing one of the story games or even online games.

One of the reasons behind this problem sometimes is the expiration of the licenses that can be restored through the system settings. However, according to the experience of some, this trick did not succeed in overcoming the problem.

Also, some users tried to restart the device several times, but it also did not work, and unfortunately the problem still exists until the moment of writing this news.

on site Reddit Players have started to share their complaints about the issue that many users seem to be facing.

Games like Horizon Forbidden West, Untitled Goose Game, Ghost of Tsushima, Humanity, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart are showing this issue, according to Reddit users. At the time of this writing, there is no clear solution. It is clear that the problem appears for subscribers of all PS Plus packages without exception.

Are you facing this problem? Share your findings and troubleshooting in the comments below.

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