Protesters descend into the NSW parliament after MPs postponed the debate about the decriminalization of abortion in NSW



In New South Wales, abortions are considered illegal under the NSW Crimes Act 1900.

If an abortion is carried out illegally, the penalty is a maximum of ten years.

Abortions are considered if the doctor determines that the mental and physical health of the woman is at risk.

Economic and social factors are also taken into account.



Abortions were removed from criminal law in Queensland in 2018.

The new laws allowed abortions for up to 22 weeks on request. A doctor must then consult another person to determine whether an abortion should be performed.

Doctors who object to abortions must release this information.

A safe zone exists 150 meters around an abortion clinic.


Victoria & # 39; s abortion legislation allows termination up to 24 weeks.

After this, it is still legal, but two doctors must determine whether it is in the mother's interest based on her physical, social, and mental well-being.


The state also has a buffer zone that prevents protesters within 150 meters of the clinic.


Abortion is legal in the ACT and must be provided by a doctor in a designated facility.


Abortion was decimalised in Tasmania in 2013 and women have access to termination procedures for up to 16 weeks.


After 16 weeks a doctor – who consults another person – can perform an abortion with the consent of the woman.

The doctors – with at least one specialized in obstetrics or gynecology – must take the well-being of women into account.

She does not have to refer to counseling.


South Australia requires two doctors to agree with a woman's health – mentally or physically – and before 28 weeks.


They must be performed in a prescribed facility and the woman must live in the state – but these can be ignored in an emergency.

A woman can be charged for having an illegal pregnancy.


Abortions are legal for up to 20 weeks, but restrictions apply.

A woman must participate in counseling before she can end her pregnancy, while a person under the age of 16 must tell one parent.


After 20 weeks, obtaining an abortion is restrictive – whereby the woman must get approval from at least two doctors from a panel of six.


Abortion is legal up to 23 weeks after it has been approved by a doctor.

Termination before 14 weeks only needs one doctor's approval. Then two doctors have to approve it.

Past 23 weeks of pregnancy can be ended if the woman's life is in danger.

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