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Prosecutor accuses Trump of creating ‘false expectations’ about his alleged arrest


Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has accused former US President Donald Trump of creating “false expectations” about his alleged arrest this week as part of an investigation into the alleged bribe paid to the porn actress known as Stormy Daniels. to buy his silence.

Thus, he has also attacked a group of Republican congressmen who have requested information from the Prosecutor’s Office about this alleged arrest in a letter requesting Bragg’s appearance in light of the “unprecedented abuse of tax authority” that would be about to carry out with “the accusation of a convicted former president and current candidate”

“In light of the serious consequences of his actions, we expect him to testify about what clearly appears to be a politically motivated tax decision,” the congressmen have maintained, who have accused him of being impartial.

As Bragg has indicated, this letter “was only sent after Trump created the false expectation that he would be arrested the next day and after his lawyers suggested that he intervene.” “There is no legitimate basis for a congressional investigation”, he has pointed out in response to the deputies, according to information from the CNN television network.

In this sense, it has urged the parties to meet to “understand to a greater extent what information the Prosecutor’s Office could provide that is related to a legitimate legislative interest” by the congressmen.

Last week Trump warned through his social networks that, according to leaks, he would be arrested this week, for which he asked his followers to take to the streets and protest.

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